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  1. Thought I would update you all. After all the help I received. I have not heard anything back since February 2016. Thank you
  2. Haha. Thank you for the humour made me smile. Will do as you say
  3. Hi all sorry another update sent the letters but today we have received a letter saying We regret that despite out attempts to reach an amicable resolution to your account, you remain in arrears to hertsmere leisure. We must now give notice that failing to reply to this letter within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd. one of the leading providers of debt recovery solutions. We would still like to resolve this matter. We're happy to listen to your reasons for not paying and will do whatever we can to reach an acceptable resolution for bo
  4. Happy new year everyone. Just a further update they have sent a further letter with threat of court action. The worrying thing is that they keep calling sons phone even though he has blocked their number they seem to keep using fresh numbers. Is there a template letter I can send them to stop harassing him. Thank you all.
  5. Thanks I will start a diary up with regards to communication. Do you think I should complain now or wait? Thank you to everyone who is helping
  6. Thank you will do. Thanks for replying on a weekend.
  7. Hi everyone And thank you in advance for your help. We received a letter today from CRS asking us to call 01444 449165 and have given us 7 days to respond The letter states they have been employed by Hertsmere leisure as your membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent. As a result of this our fees totalling £153.72 have been added. Therefore your account now stands at £580.72. In bold red writing it says We want to reach an ameicable resolution with you. And ask us to call their non-premium rate number It lists 3 options that we have It is signed
  8. Thank you. It just seems they don't wish to read letters
  9. Hi slick After sending the letters to Harlands they have now replied and said that they will accept the evidence I submitted to them with regards to relocation but said we owe £90 and until this is paid the account will not be cancelled. They did not reply after 14 days that was requested in the letter I sent to them. And this letter seems exactly the same as the one we received in October. We offered to pay the one month that we owed, but they didn't even mention that. Thank you
  10. Yes it was Harlands who sent the first and second letter. They said they have accepted the contract is cancelled due to relocation. But now in the second letter they are now saying the contract is in arrears of two months. They said the contract was cancelled from 01/09/2015 The second letter is dated 07/10/2015 from the same department
  11. Hi slick132 I sent the letter as per your advice via recorded mail. And received back a letter saying that they have accepted the evidence sent to them and due to relocation the gym membership will be cancelled. My son has now received another letter this week saying he is in breach of his contract and he now owes two months gym membership with added charges. Because he signed into a 12 month contract.
  12. Hi he paid his last direct debit on the 10th August
  13. Hi Just received another email from them informing us that he is now £57 in arrears. Even though his membership is only £30. And they will not cancel membership until this is paid and further proof relocation has been sent.
  14. Thank you. I will send a copy of this tomorrow Once again thanks for your help
  15. Hi they have replied to my last email to them. They have said they have not received any documents from me. Even though they said last week that they would not accept the uni accommodation agreement that I had posted to them as prof of relocation, and would only accept a signed mortgage or tenancy agreement. They have asked for me to resend all the documents again by the 16th September. I have photocopied all the documents again and I'm going to send recorded delivery.
  16. Hi thank you for your reply. My son was 19 when he took his membership out with Hertsmere leisure which is located in borehamwood. We wrote a letter and posted to harlands on 10th August with documentation that he was leaving and that he was given the required 28 days noticed. I also emailed them 7 days later and resent to them the documents via email. Thanks once again
  17. Hi I'm having so much trouble with harlands trying to cancel my sons gym membership due to relocation. He is moving to uni in September which is in Wales but harlands are refusing to accept this. I have posted and emailed to them his accommodation letter from the uni and his ucas acceptance but they have said this is not acceptable documentation. I have emailed them everyday with the info saying he will no longer be living in the area. But they won't actually answer the email just send a reply saying he committed to a twelve month contract. I hope someone can
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