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  1. hiya, you are about the same point as i am i received that letter of decline, but a week after that i received another letter offering me 1/2 of the money back, i phone the number on that letter and they upped it to 3/4 of the charges only today i phoned again as they had put 1/2 the amount of charges into my account, told them i was not happy and was going to press on with filing for court but i have to wait till 15 june to do so (pay day ) me personally, i think its a stall tactic, hopeing you will be 2 scared to do the court stage and settle for what they offer you
  2. thanks sea-sidelady for the quick reply just got off phone to halifax, wish i spoke to the same women that i spoke to last time she was so much more helpfull anyways, asked them why they put the 788.50 into my account when i had phoned last week to say it was not good enough, she basically said it is ok, and tough you got it go spend it kind of attitude lol no problems there then hehe she basically said it would not affect my court claim and they will sort out the balance if i am intitled to more through the court or there legal department depending on who makes the discision f
  3. lol, thats what i meant, only you do it so much better at putting it across sea-sidelady to the rescue again
  4. to be honest if 2006 was your worst year i would definatley be chasing up those other statements, but what you could do is carry on your claim as it is then do your 2006 charges as a seperate claim or if you get your statements quick enough you could probably ammend your claim dont quote me on that, but from what i have read on other peoples threads i am sure that was the advise given
  5. mmm, lol, they are tryiers arent they, just found they have paid in the 788.50 into my account which on the phone i had told them it was not good enough, should i just phone them again and tell them that i have already done mcol or n1, (even tho i havent as yet, wont be till 15 this month) or do i tell them i accept it as part payment or tell them to take the money back and wait for battle at court????? somebody please respond, i seem to be lacking replys nowadays
  6. update time Received letter offering me £788.50 phoned today and said that was not good enough and got the usual speel saying i must accept some responsibility and how much would i settle for, so i told her the £788.50 was no where near the amount i requested of £2921.57 at that point she nearly had a heart attack and asked where i got that amount from, so i informed her it was the original £1577 plus contratual interest, plus other costs she then increased the offer to 3/4 of the original amount of £1577 which = £1182, at that i was speechless lol, so she said do i want to go a
  7. i got 3 days before i do mcol, and i still not convinced my calculations look right, and not getting any replys from halifax or here, maybe i biteing more than i can chew with the contractual intrest
  8. is there anybody out there? have i messed up, or is the contractual intrestest scaring people away? or have i done ok so far? or am i on my own with this one?
  9. monday mornings, they never good received letter from halifax dated 9 April 07 Further to our letter of 21st March 07. I'm sorry that you have not yet had a full response to your concerns. We're still investigating your complaint, and you will receive a response from us as soon as possible, but certainly no later than 14th May 07. Our complaints leaflet, which we sent to you previously, explains how we will handle your complaint. Your concerns will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but to help us deal more efficiently with your enquiry, please quote ********* when
  10. LBA send yesterday, recorded delivery, 10 april 07 just a note to myself really, let the count down begin i presume i am doing things right, due to the lack of replys i have had, not complaining if i am doing it right, but dont want someone coming back saying i have done something wrong when it gets to the court stage, fingers crossed eh
  11. grrr, bank holidays, delayed me posting LBA in post today just hoping i got the contractual interest right if not i'm sure they will correct me lol
  12. just an update, got LBA sorted, and will post this afternoon, lol, they gonna wish they payed up after my first letter, amount has gone from £1577 to £2917.68 I calculate that, as at today’s date, you have taken a total of £ 1,577 in excessive penalty fees plus £7.88p in interest on these charges. In addition, I also claim Contractual Interest (compounded) under the principle of mutuality and reciprocity in our contract, as a contract terms are binding on both parties. The unauthorised rate of borrowing is 29.8% therefore this rate is added to the above amounts (from date of penalty fe
  13. thanks a lot for that, i get as of todays date £975.69 not sure where the extra £9.51 has come from, i used the spreadsheet from the library, but it looks close enough for me to be able to continue will get LBA in post tommorrow, and keep you all updated thanks again jowalshy for your speedy reply, much appreciated
  14. anybody know if the above looks right? i would like to post LBA tommorrow, sorry it a bit short notice, but thought i would change to contractual interest
  15. can someone look over this please and see if i am correct with the contractual interest, i think its right, but not 100% DATE PENALTY APPLIED DETAIL OF PENALTY PENALTY CHARGED 29.84% ON PENALTIES TOTALS: 1,577.00 974.40 1/31/2002 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £28.00 43.15 9/30/2002 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £28.00 37.61 11/30/2002 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £30.00 38.80 6/30/2003 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £30.00 33.60 7/31/2003 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £30.00 32.84 8/14/2003 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £30.00 32.50 8/30/2003 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £30.00 32.10 9/15/2003 CHARGES AS NOTIFIIED £30.00 31.
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