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  1. HI ford, the actual charge is drink driving. He was deemed unsuitable due to the fact he had just hit a wall at 60mph. HEs lucky to be alive tbh! But yeah if he had been able to do the second breathalyser he would of been fine! I have had a look at those and the actual sentences are a bit harsh but depends on what happens really!!
  2. HE didnt decline the breathalyser they just gave him a urine pot and told him to give sample. I do believe he had a blood test but i dont know the results for this. I have no idea about the evidential breathalyser, the station wont tell us much at all!
  3. HI there, A few months ago my boyfriend got caught drink driving . He crashed his car into a wall and had only had 2 pints . His breathalyser at the scene was on the limit, but was unable to give a 2nd as he passed out. At the station they took a urine test but apparently did the test wrong which showed his urine level being higher than it should have been. They also said they took 2 samples within 2 minutes of each other and then a second 55 minutes later (even though it should be an hour?!). He goes to court tomorrow and his solicitor has told him to plead no
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