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  1. thanks for the info i am worried i thought it had all gone away
  2. hi everyone me gain, just when i think things have gone away as not had any letters for over 6 months im receiving texts and looks like voicemails again from Zinc, i dont have ny credit on the phone so cant access the voicemails, any idea what will be happening ?
  3. Thanks Slick id seen this thread the other day but not had chance to load the video interestingly no mention of Zinc yet on there and ive had their letter
  4. hi just wanted to update you i sent off the letters in September and not heard anything yet
  5. Hi again thanks for that i maybe should have mentioned that i had already written to the chief exec of Xercise 4 less still no reponse and further harrassment from CRS and now Zinc
  6. Cancelled Mid Feb to terminate end of March
  7. Hi again no i got no prrof from them on this occasion, i knew nothing about there being a problem until i go a letter from Harlands Mid March after cancelling the Direct Debit after my March payment
  8. Thanks Slick i had a 12 month contract and gve notice after 17 months Zinc have written telling me not to ignore the letter and offering a settlement figure
  9. Hi there im just newbie, ive been reading afew posts on this thread and wondered if anyone can help me please ? Im in a situation of where i cancelled an Xercise 4 less membership and handed in written notice by hand to my gym in Februry 2015 and cancelled my direct debit after the march payment was taken therefore fulffilling my March payment. In March i started getting Harlands letters stating that i had cancelled a Direct debit mandate and now owed them £9.99 I called Harlands and spoke to them and told them i had cancelled and they'd had my last payment they said no cance
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