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  1. Hi guys, Just to let you know I called up this morning I called up today and had it confirmed the claim had been struck out as per the letter. Thanks
  2. Here is the letter I was sent off the court http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2po856r&s=9#.VvBZe2SLQy4
  3. Dear , Our Client: Lowell Portfolio I Limited Case Number: Our Reference: We refer to the above matter. We enclose by way of service, our client’s witness statement for the forthcoming hearing. We confirm the same has been filed at Court. We apologise for late service as a result of receiving files very late from the solicitor previously acting. However, we would point out that our client has received no witness statement or evidence from you.
  4. Ah just checked my emails and I have one from Lowell. They must think the hearing is going ahead as it has attached all of the documents and witness statements etc. Should I reply and let them know I have confirmation of it being struck out?
  5. No doesn't mention it at all. I have contested to try and remove it from my credit score. Is there anything else I need to do?
  6. Well they weren't going to give me anything they said it would just drop off. However I asked them for some proof. The letter I got states:- IT IS ORDERED THAT 1.The claim is struck out and the hearing listed on 22nd March is vacated. I did get a letter stating the claim has moved from Carter back to Lowell Solicitors so maybe that's to do with them being in trouble?
  7. Hi guys, Just to let you know the claim was struck out as they didn't pay the fee. Is there anything now that I need to do? Or is that it? Once it's sorted I am going to make a donation that's all. Thanks again
  8. Hi guys, Just a quick update, today I received a letter from Lowell stating a change of solicitor (N434). Not sure what relevance this has but it's went from Carter to Lowell. Thanks as always for your help
  9. Hi guys, just a quick update. I have had the mediation call where I explained I had no paperwork. Now it has been considered by a judge and allocated to small claims court. It is asking me to pay £170, what's my best option here? Is this normal? Thanks for your help as ever. Ian
  10. Hi guys, I now have a letter from the court with a telephone mediation date, is there anything I should do?
  11. Hi Guys, Today i have received 2 separate letters:- 1 - is a copy of the small claims track questionnaire completed by Carter (agreeing to mediation), does this mean that when I complete mine I need to send him a copy? 2 - a reply to my defence which states the account number, date of default and when it was assigned to Lowell and states I would have received notice of assignment around that time. It also refers me to my own records for a copy of the agreement. It then goes on to say that they are going proceeding with the claim and are willing to enter in negations under the to
  12. Hi guys, Today I have received a letter from the County Court Business Centre. Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track. Enclosed is a directions questionnaire and form about mediation (EX730) Could you help me with what I am best doing next. Thanks Ian
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