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  1. I'm looking into getting another solicitor but no solicitor wants to help until I get a summons. But I will try and find CAB locally and see what they say. Someone from Scope contacted me and said they are worried about my situation and want to help. They've advised that it might be best to remove threads discussing this if court action is pending. So please tell if that might be best and if so who do I speak to so I can remove this thread. If anyone wants to discuss the problem with me then they can message me if the thread is removed. I've decided to start paying the money back a l
  2. The false documents were sent through my email but I didn't send them as he was in charge of it alongside all of my other stuff - especially when my wife was away. I can't find a solicitor but am searching for one. Because they will also think it is me. And the person who did this is not around now. I'm also worried about what he will do if he finds out I grassed him up.
  3. Sorry for late post. My solicitor advised me not to go ahead with interview with caution as it usually never helps the accused. To be honest with you my solicitor does not have any knowledge whatsoever ever about disabled people and care system. But he was the only local one I could find that had access for wheelchairs and did legal aid work. I was very limited. I have an option of going to the police but I am being told that it will then become a police case and my house could be searched and I should wait until I am summoned by local authority. I met my solicitor today
  4. I'm in a bit of a worrying situation due to a possible pending court summons and eventual imprisonment. This is just an outline: I am a severely disabled middle aged man with a wife and young child. My disability is Spinal Muscular Atrophy meaning I'm unable to do all things myself and require a lot of care including help moving in bed to relieve bed sores and aches, moving and handling in and out of bed, help with washing, toileting, dressing and feeding. Because of my curved spine I need a lot of support to sit and lay down while apparatus such as hoists and chairs with help with moving
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