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  1. 21st July parked in the same parking bay at Britannia Car park for 2 hours. - no problems 22nd July - Parked in the 'now' restricted bay at Britannia Car Park 24th July - Went on-line to dispute the PCN 7th August Letter from Hackney Council with decision not to cancel the PCN. Reason given... ..Parking services endeavours to give 3 days advance warning of any suspension to residents parking bay. However, in some instance, this may not be possible. Nevertheless, the vehicle was not in the parking spaces when the suspension sign was erected on 14/7/15 - meaning
  2. Yes I have taken photos and realised that on the notice the words "advance or Warning" is covered by a sign above and therefore not shown. also I wear glasses for reading and did not have them on that day. No notice was given the suspension was immediately from the time the notice was erected
  3. the sign was up for far less than 24 hours in the adjacent parking bay. I left the parking area the day before around 4pm and the notice was not there. Parked there the following day around 10.15 am and didn't see a sign but when I got back to the car at the leisure centre car park around 12.30 the PCN was attached to the car. No staff at the front desk even knew that the bay was now restricted, so I called the number on the sign and the lady confirmed that it was only erected the day before in the pm and that I should appeal. The gym also tried to represent me and I still lost the appeal. 10
  4. I have received a pcn for parking in a suspended bay which gave less than notice period . The actual notice was taken down 1 week later and no work was ever done. Can you please send me a copy of your letter Thanks Elaine King
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