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  1. So yesterday I had some amazing news... My CCJ has been set aside!! I'm just awaiting written confirmation (which should arrive tomorrow) and as soon as I receive it, I'll detail what I found out and what I did so that anyone unfortunate enough to be in a similar situation can take the advice they need. Thank you to everyone that commented - ALL of the information was helpful towards me taking the action I did.
  2. sorry for lack of response - I've been away from a computer. Steampowered - yes indeed I did. It read: "1. The claimant was informed that the defendant was moving on 5th November 2011 from xxx to xxx and that any correspondence should be sent to the new address. 2. The claimant and those acting on their behalf (namely SLC Solicitors) continued to send correspondence to the previous address. 3. The tenant at xxxxx was collecting (rather than forwarding) post and had not informed the defendant of the collection. 4. The defendant did not receive any communication about an
  3. Again - thanks for taking the time to reply. I'd be happy to attach the consent order that was put together by the claimant's solicitors but all it really contained was the case number, the claimant details, the defendant details (i.e. me) and said: "By CONSENT it is hereby ordered as follows: 1. The judgement of 25th November 2012, having been paid in full on 5th December 2014, be set aside 2. No order as to costs. Signed....." You say it's not really allowed to add my own explanation of events but the N244 (the form requesting the CCJ to be set aside) asks for it so I t
  4. Hi all, It would be literally life changing if you can help with this one! Last year I checked my credit file and found I had a CCJ. The claimant was the managing agents for a flat I owned, the amount £1314 and it was registered in November 2012. Being a bit worried about the word CCJ I paid it immediately (Dec '14) and then set about investigating it. It turned out that despite notifying them of a change in correspondence address (I moved out and tenant moved in), they had been writing to the flat to notify me that my standing order for ground rent wasn't set
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