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  1. Hi - thanks for your email. I will get some more photos of the area and surroundings. Thanks again
  2. Hi, thanks for your email - I didn't put the photos up again as I posted them back in december when the pcn was received - on the photos I circled in black where the car was parked and also tried to get a photo of the area in the dark when the pcn was received. Many thanks
  3. Hi, thanks for your email. Yes I have plenty of photos which I took shortly after getting the pcn. I have the no parking signs, road markings marking the no parking area (which are nor clear due to recent resurfacing) plus photos at night when the pcn was issued as the no parking signs are not in a well lit area. Thanks
  4. Thanks - hopefully this will be the case! maybe millennium group as they had their registered office there. Thanks again
  5. Hi Thanks for your email! I agree that I think I will here from this further - I just dont trust them so I am very grateful for all the help I am getting from this site! Many thanks
  6. Hi, thanks for your email and the article - it made interesting reading. I can not fully understand what is happening with these two companies and the millenium parking mentioned when I looked at the Companies house site - other than AS parking compulsory strike off in march.
  7. Hi Thanks for your email - and the information on the company! I have had a quick search on AS parking and Alliance parking on some other forums and it didnt take long to find plenty of posts (linking the two companies). I will wait and see if /when I get the next correspondence from them. Thank you again - I am learning a lot!
  8. Hi, thanks for your reply and advice - very much appreciated thank you. I have read through the POFA and have seen the paragraph advising that they should give their evidence. I have also noticed that the NTK tells me that as 21 days have passed from the PCN issue date I am no longer allowed to appeal - this doesnt seem right to me. I am not going to contact anyone and will wait and see if I receive anything else from them. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Hi Thanks for your email With regards to photos, I have double checked the parking charge notice - it states in brackets under the notes for 'Contesting this Notice' that 'mindful that the issuing officer has taken photographic evidence'. I looked at the appeals procedure to see if it would link to any photos but it appears that the appeal is me only submitting an email - so I would not be able to access any photos to the case online. Thank you for your time.
  10. hi, thanks for your email. No they did not send any pictures of the car when it was parked. I have looked through some of the threads and also some other sites and guidance on parking on private land. it seems that I could well here something else from this in months to come from what i have read. I have the photos at the time including signage. I have the delay in issuing the ntk and what was also mentioned about not having the option for a reduced payment in the ntk . I have not contacted the company. i tried to find out who owned the building at the time - it is split up into lots of small businesses but didnt pursue this as I heard nothing. I will wait to see if I get anything else through I think. Many thanks again. your help is so much appreciated.
  11. H, thanks for your reply. It is a great help - I did find a list of what should be included in the NTK and noticed the bit about early payment wasn't in there but I wasn't sure if this was covered by the early payment option on the PCN. After the advice I have received today I will ignore the letter and see if I here anything else. I have not identified the driver or contacted the company at all and will not do this. I find it very stressful receiving official looking letters like this demanding money so it is so helpful to get some proper advice! Especially when you know the area! Many thanks - it is very much appreciated. Hopefully I will not here anything else from them.
  12. Hi Thank you for you emails and advice. I did try to self help - thats why I thought it was over as I hadn't heard anything for two months. It's just i worry in case I get into more problems for ignoring letters! I will ignore this as you advise. Once again many thanks for your, and others on this site, help - it is very much appreciated and has been invaluable to me in helping me understand (for this and previous problems I have had). Thank you!
  13. Hi - Thank you for your replies. I attach the scanned NTK pdf. No it wast a fine that was originally given it was a Parking Charge Notice (attached to the windscreen). Thank you for your help!. HTK received.pdf
  14. Hello I posted on this topic when my son received a parking fine on 21/12/19. I stopped posting as I was waiting for the Notice to Keeper to arrive. This has now arrived with a date of 22 April 2020 on. Before I received this NTK, I had relaxed a bit as I thought there was a maximum time they had to issue the NTK to me after the date the PCN was issued. (it has been 123 days between the two). Is this correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to what I do next. thank you
  15. Ok Thanks. I am still waiting for the NTK form to arrive in the post - is it correct that I must wait for this before doing anything? Should I be trying to find out for definite who owns that part of the paved area - the only markings to identify it as any difference to the public road is a faded white line and a double yellow line which is no longer there as the road repair had covered it. Thanks for your help
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