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    Thanks for all the help guys........ i sent a request for the CCA and this was what i received from them so do i need to send it again?... Otherwise can anyone link me to what kind of letter i need to send now if its not enforcable?... sorry again if i am missing something obvious. Many thanks
  2. sumik


    Thanks for the help guys and thank you for moving the thread to the relevant part of the forum We were originally paying our debt with Payplan but the disposable income to pay has disappeared with the loss of my job I am in the unfortunate position of losing my job in a small town at the same time as two other major employers have gone bust meaning a glut of unemployed factory workers in one area so getting a new job is proving difficult. We will manage to pay our day to day bills and mortgage etc but have one chance to pay off what we can with the money we are being gifted so trying to
  3. sumik


    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help? Quick background- I have recently lost my job, therefore halfing our income into the household We do have a family member who has been very generous and offered to pay off some of our debts to help ease the current financial constraints on us and we have begun sending "full and final" offers to our creditors as well as asking for CCA's from the relevant creditors. We have received most details back inc CCA's other than one with Barclaycard. When i initially took out my Barclaycard it was with Egg bank and this changed to Barcalycard later
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