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  1. I definitely won't be shoplifting ever again, I've learnt my lesson. I'll make sure to post what they've said once I've received the letter. Thank you for your help.
  2. Today I was caught shoplifting £62 worth of products in Boots. I was spotted by the security guard (who wasn't in uniform) and I was taken to the security room. I was searched and the stolen goods were seized while the security guard made some very strange comments about me being a "godless woman" and having "the devil inside me". I am 17 years old so he asked for the details of a parent/guardian. Although I live with my mother, I decided to give my dad's details and address because if my mother ever found out about this I would be beaten black and blue and I'd probably end up in hospital. They called my father to confirm the details, they took some pictures of me and then I was given a piece of paper confirming my ban from the shopping centre for 6 months and from Boots for 6 months. They said that they'll be giving me a fine(?) of around £130, I can't really remember. The police were not involved. I've not stopped crying or shaking since being let out of the security room, I know it's silly, it could have been a lot worse. I just want to make sure that it's not possible for anything to be sent to my mother's address. I gave them my father's address, told them I permanently live there and even said that I'm not in contact with my mother so I can't see that anything would be sent to her but I want to check because I'm really on edge right now. Thanks
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