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  1. Breaking news, man arrested for drinking and driving, gets fined for breaking the law. There's a (text) message for us all here.
  2. Have you got proof that the February journey was already paid for ?
  3. Both links show what I bought, and both show a keyboard in photo 3. This is the reply form Currys : Thank you for your email dated 27th August 2015. I would have liked to discuss this further over the telephone, however, you were not available when I called. I am sorry that my colleague may not have fully understood your query. Looking into this matter further, I have seen the picture in question, I understand the picture includes the keyboard, however, this is just to show the product's functionality. In the product specification it states Keyboard: Available separately. As such, I am sure you can understand this is not a case of mis-advertising. A link for the product has been provided below for your reference: blah blah also gave me a link where I could give them more of my money for the keyboard. No thanks Curry's - you're crap. Thanks for pointing out what I already knew Maxx, as I said, my mistake, I didn't read the advert properly.
  4. Hi, new to this forum, found it when searching for a bit of advice. I've searched for an answer to my specific issue but can't find it here, so..... I recently bought a microsoft surface pro 3 from Currys. The advert clearly shows it with a keyboard, which is what I was looking for. I went ahead and bought it. The next day my girlfriend said she didn't think it came with the keyboard, so I looked at the advert again. It definitely does not say keyboard not included, and there is separate offer for the tablet and keyboard as a bundle. I realise I made a mistake here but are Currys in the wrong advertising it like this ? I have written to them and they have replied saying the keyboard is only shown as part of the bundle offer. If you look at the advert for the tablet the keyboard is shown. Tried posting a link the the advert but it won't let me. it's the 128gb model for £749.
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