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  1. All depends on how long wonga takes to reply. I had success in getting back nearly £2000. But it all depends on the FOS adjudicator you get to. But safe to say Wonga were upto a lot of dodgy lending, comes down to your own personal circumstances.
  2. I've had two cases so for. Both took two weeks for a decision to come through the letter box, from the date being told it's been allocated to an ombudsman.
  3. That's what I was hopping it was. If you look at the wording of it it seemed he was saying the opposite. But now I've read it a couple of times and it's making sense. I have read a couple of previous decisions where the ombudsman actually did do the opposite.
  4. Thank you citizen B and crashed767 I've been looking back at the letter again now it does seem to be clearer.
  5. Hi wondering if someone can help me understand a decision I got from the Ombudsman. I'll type in a paragraph below. "Overall I agree with the adjudicator that it's fair and reasonable resolution of this complaint for Wonga to refund Mr X all interest and charges on all his loans from xx/xx/xx together with interest on the sum paid. That is of course assuming it hasn't already done so under its forbearance scheme. For the avoidance of doubt Wonga shouldn't deduct from the redress I have awarded any capital or principle sums it's already written off under its forbearance scheme". It'
  6. Couple of years ago I was using payday lenders a lot stupidly. At one point I ran out of online payday lenders to apply to, so decided to try the high street. Took a £300 loan and ended up paying back over £1300. The online payday lenders I was using at the time charged far less interest and rates. Recently I've made complaints to them regarding irresponsible lending, which they rejected but the adjudicator at the FOS agree with me. None of them have been settled yet but I have some hope since the FOS agree with me. So just wondering if anyone else have done the same with spe
  7. Has anyone dealt with speedy cash for irresponsible lending, or not doing the proper affordability checks. I'm seeing a lot of threads on people taking on PDL's like Wonga, quick quid and so on and even taking them to the FOS and succeeding. Would the same apply to speedy cash.
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