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  1. Hi- apologies for delayed response - the PPC is "AS Parking" - a trading name for Athens Security Services Ltd
  2. thanks Ericsbrother for your response. I anticipate they may note their error (O and not a 0) but as you state they have the incorrect details, and cannot re-issue a PCN or amend etc. Also photographic evidence cant be used, and unlikely to chase. Ticket given for parking outside a bay line, however my detail / their detail - errors likewise
  3. Hi, New on here - great site. Have read many threads on incorrect registration numbers captured to PCN that attached to vehicle. In my case the reg quotes number zero (e.g. 07) as letter O (e.g. O7). Discovered the error when logging onto the parking firms website and entered the ticket Id and my registration (correctly) and my issued ticket was not found. Looked closer and realised the number to letter error, typed incorrect registration and ticket was found on their system - of course proceeded no further!! Many threads on this site simply state ignore, cant find me as no
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