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  1. cool, I will do. I might just drop your name though just to scare 'em a lil'
  2. thanks, I will. I was just worried because if I get a massive fee bill and tell them "No it's cool I don't have to pay because mikeymack2002 told me" I'm not sure what credibility that has with the DWP? Thanks for advice though. x
  3. Hmmm, that's a really tough question to answer Morphster. It depends I guess on her side of the story. From what you've written this isn't really a "benefits" question, more a life-style choice question. Your partner has decided to move out and leave you with the kids suddenly. She has also just lost her job due to gross misconduct. As a neutral observer that suggests to me she is having some sort of mental crisis. So I think you are totally correct that she should speak to her family - dad or mum. Is it possible for you to speak to either as well, couching it in genuine concern fo
  4. I thought that too. But the letter from DWP was dated 15/8 and told me I had till 31/8 to make contact before they "released the kracken, etc". I can scan it up if it help?
  5. Just tell them you believe the camera steals your soul! (It would help if you have tribal ancestry?) You'd be amazed what you can get ESA for these days, so if they mandate you just jog along to your nearest GP and get a sick note. Apparently being fat is a disability these days, so why not photophobia! Give it a go, if successful it'll get the jobsworths off you while you look for a real job. Best wishes.
  6. I was just worried about more fees being added, or worse - getting called into the boss' office asking me to explain why he's been told to make an AOE on my pay!!!!! From bitter experience in the past I don't trust these f*ckwits at the DWP. Thanks for your advice ReallyMadWoman (great name btw). I will call them tomorrow and record it, see if I get the same response a second time!
  7. More knowledgeable folk than me will hopefully be able to advise, but I personally got a Budgeting Loan, (my understanding is that Crisis Loans no longer exist, but I may be wrong). Please don't feel embarrassed or upset - no one asks to be ill or unemployed, it happens to the best of us. Nothing is a permanent state - good times or bad times. Just keep trying to ride the wave and the madness of the unfathomable whims of the DWP!
  8. Hello Sugarbabe47, Have you asked the Job Centre for the forms for a Budgeting Loan? I haven't got much advice to give, but when I was in a similar situation a few years ago I filled in the forms and got around £300 which tided me over. They were reluctant to give me the forms but I persisted. (If you see my thread they are now asking for it back! But needs must when the devil drives). Best wishes to you. DON'T feel "like a beggar asking for food" - ALL of us are in need at some point in our lives, who is anyone to judge? We've all paid into a system to support us when things go tits-
  9. Ha! Love it! Or tell them that you are a member of Equity union and your agent will expect a large payment for any film work you do!
  10. Hello I'm after a bit of advice please as to best way to proceed. Bit of background. I got a letter out the blue from DWP saying I owed £306.58 and to get in contact by 31/8/15 otherwise they would take this as my refusal to engage and no more letters would be sent and it will be passed to a Debt Collection Agency or they'll get an Attachment of Earnings. I phoned the number on the letter and asked to speak to the name of the person printed - they'd never heard of him/her. But, we got to the bottom of the letter and it seems I DO owe £346.40 for a budgeting loan I took back in 2013.
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