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  1. just received a copy of the credit agreement with MBNA directly from LINK however it is not the signed copy. Does this make any difference? They have also added a lovely letter on the end saying the account is terminated and we owe them the full balance! Any thoughts? THanks
  2. Do I write to link and tell them why I aren't paying, what do I say to payplan why I'm not paying them. Will I start receiving threatening letters from link?
  3. no, link sent me a letter to say they had to go to MBNA as they were the original creditor, then today I have had the terms and conditions have come from MBNA. Link has sent me nothing
  4. link only replied to say that they had gone out to MBNA but the terms and conditions have come directly from MBNA - what now?
  5. just had letters from MBNA (debt brought by link) but what they have sent me is the terms and conditions with just our names on but dont think this is the original CCA. Where do I go from here with link? sorry for asking but what does a SAR show and what use is it? Thanks.
  6. Yes I do own my own property so unfortunately a debt relief order is out
  7. Send 2 cca letters to link for mine and my husbands debt, they replied to say that as they brought the debt from mbna they have had to go to them for the credit agreement. They advised it can take up to 30 days. The 30 days will be up on the 9th October, what do I do if I don't receive a reply by that date? Thanks
  8. Thanks dx, will definitely send out cca request to.link. If I pay by cheque for £1 who do I make it payable and I know I've read not to sign the letter but what about the cheque?
  9. Why wouldn't they be enforceable when I know they are my debts? Sorry to keep asking its just that I don't want to go to the trouble of sending all the requests out for nothing. Is it a case of if they cannot produce a CCA then I never pay them again? I don't really want any hassle or having to go to court.
  10. Barclays Bank Plc £51.14 - this was an O/D but is not showing on my credit file could this have been written off? (have found an account settled in 07/13 and think this is the one) - date was July 2013 why am I paying this through Payplan then! - prob already defaulted more than 6yrs ago! - this only defaulted in 2013 Can I ask about the CCA requests - is there any point in doing this when I know they are my debts which I have been paying through Payplan. My DMP works fine and I don't have DCA chasing me or on my back so its not like I need any breathing space.
  11. Just gone on to check my credit file and this is what I've found - Barclaycard £3,731.29 - not showing as defaulted we are paying reduced amount through DMP however payplan not always pay on the right date so its shows we are 1mth in arrears. Barclays Bank Plc £51.14 - this was an O/D but is not showing on my credit fil, could this have been written off? (have found an account settled in 07/13 and think this is the one) why am I paying this through Payplan then!! Barclays Bank Plc £597.77 defaulted 07/13 Barclays Bank Plc £1,511.34 - this is not showing o
  12. Are secured loans all bad? I am currently on a DMP with Payplan end date 2020 (dependent on charges & int) and am looking into ways of clearing this quicker. I have posted on the DMP forum and am currently looking into sending out CCA requests but have also been looking into secured loans. If I can borrow a lump sump I can try and offer full and final settlements to my creditors this will reduce the debts and I will have a definate end date. My main issue with secured loans (apart from the obvious being secured on my home) is the interest rate, are there any good companies out
  13. Thanks for the comments, spoke to somebody the other day about an IVA but we would end up paying back more than we owe so will stick to the DMP with Payplan. I am waiting to get access to my credit file to check dates and defaults and will send out CCA requests. I haven't received annual statements so I am going to request these so I can check for any charges and interest. A few people have mentioned about reclaiming penalty charges - how does this work? Thanks for all the advice
  14. The original debts were MBNA (link) and AA Loan HBOS (Wescot) I will have a look at my credit file and get back to you. Thank you for your help
  15. yes the others are with the original creditors, I pay them through my DMP with Payplan. Can you explain what a CCA request is? do you suggest that I check my credit file? is it a case of checking that all my creditors are on there or is there something else I should be looking for? Thanks
  16. Hi DX - my debts are as follows - Barclaycard £3,731.29 Barclays Bank Plc £51.14 Barclays Bank Plc £597.77 Barclays Bank Plc £1,511.34 Barclaycard £3,198.50 Argos card £390.62 Link Financial Ltd£1,677.12 Link Financial Ltd £3,832.10 Tesco credit card £2,545.25 Tesco Bank credit card £1,352.58 Wescot Credit Services £2,518.52 not checked my credit file for a while - sorry but have heard of CCA requests but don't know anything about them. I don't even think I could go on an iva as I can afford to pay all my debt off and it wouldn't take 5-6 years as it is on an I
  17. Been in a DMP with Payplan since May 2013, was originally for 4 years but over the last couple of years due to a debt being added and monthly payments reducing this is now showing as ending July 2020! what worries me more is that even in July 2020 we still don't know if that wil be the end due to charges and interest being added. Not even sure if we can both get iva as we have 2 debts with link financial and I have been told they reject a lot of iva's. My worry about an IVA is at the moment of budget is not 100% accurate and would have to change as I know they r
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