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  1. Thanks, that's really helpful. I'll get onto it and do my research. Feel happier now that they don't have a valid case. I just felt that because we knew we'd parked there now know we should have paid at the time that that was all the evidence they needed.
  2. Asked them for the above details and this is the response I've got: As we have stated we have already wasted enough time on this matter. We will not be corresponding any further with you. We have no requirement to provide you with those items nor do they have any relevance. As we have stated we will instruct legal action if payment in full is not made. So do I go ahead with the appeal to IAS or just ignore them and call their bluff? If I do the latter I fear we'll end up with court action and a huge bill for their costs - something we cannot afford. Hubby is just saying to pay up
  3. Homework - what am I looking for? I've no idea what I'm doing with this now. Feel like giving up and just paying them because they're not looking like they're going to back down ever. This is their reply. Dear Sir To be clear the charge is £50 and will not be reduced. This could all of been avoided if yyou had read the signs that are clearly displayed within the car park.
  4. The car was very clearly on the part that is their car park - we know now we should have paid the parking costs but didn't at the time because we thought as members of the NT we thought we could park there for free. I know I've dug myself into a bit of a hole by admitting fault and ownership and so can't see any way out than to pay the £50.
  5. I had already admitted we were the driver of the vehicle in our first email. We were in the wrong but didn't know at the time because we thought that the car park belonged to the National Trust. I feel now that they would take court action if we left it because we have admitted liability but still refusing to pay. I don't think that IAS would uphold any appeal either.
  6. My responses: Thank you for your correspondence. Yes I did admit to not paying the parking costs but as I explained in my very first email – this was a genuine error because the signs are very misleading and we thought that because the National Trust sign was on the name of the car park that it belonged to them. Had I have realised it wasn’t their car park I would not have parked there at all. As this was a genuine mistake I offered to pay for the amount of time I was parked there, a sum of £3 but you refused to accept this payment and sent a bill for an extortionate amount. I state again t
  7. Latests replies: Dear Sir As previously stated the signage of terms and conditions is clear. The site has not been under the management of the national trust since 2007. We reject your offer the charge is £50 and must be paid in full to prevent further action being taken. and Dear Sir We have wasted more than enough time on this matter. The charge is £50 which is a contractual charge. You failed to read the terms of use which clearly state that charges are due. We will not be dropping the charge and will pursue you for payment in full taking legal action as necessary
  8. Latest email back from PwE: We note your comments regarding the IAS, and as such we have checked your details on their site and allowed the full 21 days from today for you to make your appeal to them. We note you state this is a breach of contract however you are incorrect in this statement. We are not claiming keeper liability under pofa 2012 and therefore we have no requirement to get the notice to you within 14 days as you state. We note your comments regarding harassment, however as you stated in you early emails that you had not paid for parking all we are doing is trying to
  9. Does this apply even if we now know we should have paid for the parking? We thought it was free to park there originally because it used to be owned by the National Trust and we thought it still was so parked there as members. Also don't want to risk blocking their emails and then ending up with a court summons.
  10. I did this but they are still emailing me saying they'll continue to email me until we pay. I've emailed them back re-stating their breach of the act and also stating that they didn't give up the right to appeal because they failed to pass our details onto the IAS.
  11. Thanks. I'll let you know the outcome as we've just received a letter stating Legal Action Pending due to lack of correspondence from us. So the numerous emails I've sent them are just a figment of my imagination then?
  12. We had a week in the lakes and parked at White Moss car park on Thus 6th Aug. We were there from (according to PwE) 17.57.38 to 19.23.49. During this time I stayed in the car with our youngest daughter, while my husband went off for a walk with our older daughter. We thought that the car park was owned by the National Trust because we are members we assumed that we could park for free. Didn't think anything of it because we hadn't actually left the car & are NT members - drove out and continued with our holiday. We have just returned from another holiday and
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