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  1. thank you for your response and to be honest everyone I have spoken to including ACAS have said the same thing I think I need to face the fact that they want me out but to be dismissed will cause irreprible damage to me gaining further works in this trade. but im going to stay and fight to clear my name I am also raising an official greivence regarding the works manager after my evidence interview tomorrow. I am aslo asking for the manager to be removed from the investigation process at the start of the meeting once again thank you and hopefully will have news after meeting tomorrow
  2. I'm a breakdown engineer and cover Glasgow to Kent and I'm situated in Birmingham I know the hours are excessive and I choose to do them but it is the nature of the job but it isn't the hours that are the issue its the way this has been carried out with total bias and constructed in a manner that the complaints have been born from one source who has a close relationship with the manager!! Don't know how to proceed
  3. i understand the process that it is only an evidential meeting but the points are as follows I have carried out works for this particular client for some time and as far as I was concerned there was no issues with my work. however a complaint has been received regarding EVERY job I have done for them dating back to april???? why was it not registered then? I have now been placed on suspension by the office manager pending investigation. I have now been called in for investigation meeting but have serious concerns as follows I had a falling out over a work issu
  4. Hi all New to the site so please be gentle! Lol I have been suspended from work pending an investigation however parties involved in this process I feel are biased and partial to the explanation and subsequently are a source in my reasoning for my evidence I will give at meeting next!!! My question is can I ask at the start of the meeting for the said individual to be removed from the meeting as I beleive them to have coheres in obtaining the information relating to the offence (if any) from let's say someone she is "over friendly" with and is the only source of complaint against me??
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