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  1. Hi, There has been some development on my case and I wonder if you will help me make the next move? AM
  2. Hello friends, Thank you for your support. Just a quick update: 1. I managed to get an extension of 14 days from Mazars for a proposal after I protested their intention to possess our shelter as they were taking advantage of two people suffering from mental health problems. 2. I sent them our budget forecast showing what we can afford to pay towards all debts including our mortgage arrears. 3. I asked them to send me copies of the SD and DN if they are aware of and in possession of any copies. 4. I intend to write to all mental health charities in the UK and ask for their support. 5. Our GP has shown massive support as well in case medical notes/records are required. So I guess our next step will be to prepare for a request to the Court to consider annulment, is that correct? We will need your support in every step of the way, and words fail to tell how pleased and thankful we are. Yours, Adrian and Mrs.
  3. We intend to return next week. Can I communicate with the Court and request/lodge a set aside/appeal remotely? Thanks.
  4. Hi, And many thanks for your support. I'm not in the UK at the moment. My wife is receiving therapy and counselling here, as she feels better with close family support and our GP has knowledge of this and has approved it. We will be back next week - I hope. Mazars have rejected our monthly payment even before seeing anything and have asked for a minimum £1000 a month for the next 3 years otherwise they will go ahead with Possession Order Request in the next 7 days. They are aware of our mental health state, and I have also offered them medical notes. To answer your questions: 1. PPI: Not sure. I need to dig into the history and find out. 2. Credit: £2000 3. Default: I believe yes. 4. Statutory Demand: I do not know. 5. First Notice: Announcement that she had been made bankrupt. 6. All paperwork to double-check: I believe there is a lot missing. Should I send Subject Access Requests (Data Protection Act 1998) to all of them so that I can have a full picture of what has happened? 7. Payment Offer: Yes I made an offer but they want to receive a minimum of £1000 for the next 36 months! Otherwise they will instruct their solicitors to apply for a Possession Order on in the next 7 days. I wonder if they can actually go for a Possession Order so quickly and easily, and what we should do to stop that? Can we communicate with the Court whilst abroad? Should I email the Court or put it in writing and send everything via DHL? What is the best move now? I can provide full medical file, notes and doctors support if/when required. Your help and advice is much appreciated as ever. AM
  5. How can I stop their Possession Order procedure? I haven't replied to their email yet.
  6. Mazars have dug into all our finances, contacting any creditor even those already agreed with payment plans and receiving monthly payments from us. They have included everything on their own invoice and snowballed the small debts into massive sum which is way out of proportion now. Trustee's costs of admin £7200, other Trustee's costs £4500, Secretary of State fee £6100, and going up.
  7. Thank you all so much. I feel a lot more powerful since I started this thread and am no longer sitting in a corner grieving. Here comes a little history: Original debt was on a Lloyds tsb credit card. It was then passed over to several DCAs and finally 1st Credit. Total debt at that stage was less than £2200. They made my wife bankrupt in July 2014. We were not served any notice for a court. Mazars LLP took over, placed a charge on our property and their last letter is showing a total balance of over £27,000 to be cleared by 9 Sept otherwise they will instruct their soles to apply for an Order for Possession and Sale with no further reference. I'm shaking as I'm typing these words...
  8. 2K debt turned 30K by insolvency solicitors now threat of possession Hi, I desperately need some legal advice and I cannot afford a solicitor. A small debt has turned into a massive charge on my house by a firm of solicitors and they are trying to possess my house for what was a £2k debt but their turned it into £30k in less than a year. Both myself and my wife are mental health patients and have a child too. Scared to death we are. Please share or help directly if you can. We need a good lawyer to help us out of this nightmare... I can provide more details of course but here is in brief: - Lloyds tsb credit card debt more than 7 years old - my wife made bankrupt without us even knowing about any court - we are both mental health patients, severe anxiety and major depression, in 40s and active but anxiety blocks decision making and acting in time rather we suffer in silence and regret... - We have one child, - I've been told we can't get legal help in spite of not having a high income collectively ( - Insolvency sols have threatened to possess the house and it is just too much to bear, really... Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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