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  1. I am about to file the N244 form to challange the Court Officer's Order. Could anyone please advise on any details i need to pay particular attention to? Also, what are the best documents to submit in support? I have letters from solicitors about the moving out date from my old property, receipt from the removal company, letter from Royal mail confirming the redirection of my mail for 3 month, council tax refund for the old property and new form for new property, my new driving licence with an issue date of 11/02/2015.
  2. I have now received Court Orders from TEC confirmng the refusal of my Out of Time Application. Apparently I can file N224 form but this may incure further costs on top of the £50 per PCN to be reviewd without hearing or £155 per PCN with hearing. Is this worth persuing?
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. You are right, what i have now is a statement of truth requesting my appeal to be rejected. I did not provide any evidence because neither customer adviser at Bmth council not TEC officer mentioned it and i was so terrified by the bailiff letter that i could not think for myself, just followed suggestion they gave me. Unfortunately, I found this forum after submitting the appeal.
  4. I have received a letter from the owner of my old property , it's from Equita. They are trying to collect £579 for 2 unpaid PCN for bus lane contravention a dating back to 10th and 11 august 2014. I moved house in January 2014. My oversight was to inform driving licence department of DVLA and wrongly presume that they would pass information to vehicle registration part of DVLA. This letter from Equita was the first thing I new about the PCNs as all correspondence went to the old address. I contacted B'mth council and TEC. Filled out and sen
  5. Allegedly I drove into the bus lane in august 2014, twice. Bmth Council have sent PCNs and all corespondense to my old address. I moved to the new address in january 14. My oversight was to notify driving licence department of DVLA and presume they will share information with vegicle registration people.. . I letter has been delivered to my on 04/08/15 by the new owner of my old address. Its from Equita. They have been trying to reposess my car for the debt of £579. Since them I have been in touch with Bournemouth Council and TEC,
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