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  1. Yes.correct. and now i ended up having 2 contracts with different companies.
  2. The one that made the confusion, where the young lady works, is inside the Council Mall, ground floor, on the left-hand side, from the main entrance, and they are neighbours with VM. The store that fixed my problem, with EE, and explained to me what has happened, etc, is outside the Council Mall. The manager there, from the latter, and Jack, his colleag really invested like 2hrs into this matter, they were really helpful.
  3. Hello, my name is Adrian. Facts: I started a contract for broadband and landline with international free calls, last year September/October, in Wales, with EE. Due to the fact that I had switched jobs, I also had to move the house, therefore, I relocated myself in Crawley, West Sussex, on 20th of June this year. Prior to leaving the house and relocating, I searched online, and phoned EE to make sure they have coverage and that they can provide me with the same service. Everything was fine, they said that they can service it, same price, same package. On the same day, around 1730 hrs, I went on to the local store EE in the Council Mall, in Crawley to get an update on the moving of the service. When I got there, the lady there, said that they cannot cover my postcode with the same package, and that I should take the matters with the Customer Service. She called to the Customer Service, the Moving House department, at which point they again confirmed that the only thing they can provide me with is a lesser bandwidth for the broadband. I told them that I am not OK with it, and on the spot I argued the fact that over the phone, once I planned the moving house, they have stated one thing, so that I find out that that's not true anymore. Another thing is, they told me over the phone, that the landline number should work, and was not. The lady there sent me to close a contract with the competitors, Virgin Media. Since I didn't want to take a decision then, at that time, I postponed this for the next week-end. The next week-end, I went back to EE, and told them that I have signed the same day with Virgin Media, (only for broadband), and that I would like to have my account with them to be closed. The young lady there seemed helpful, and said that she will do that, and I don't need to worry about it. I have also stated that the landline number is not working, though it should have worked, since it appears to be active in their system. Since I had already my DirectDebit with them, and closed that the same day, after they made their final payment withdraw, I thought that everything will run smoothly and that I will receive an update on my email about the last payments, etc, etc, as it happened with my other accounts that I closed in Wales. No brainer, no muss, no fuss. My problem goes like this: I went on today to EE(to a different store, in Crawley), to find out why I have received emails from EE stating that the payments couldn't be made towards them, since: 1. that lady should've closed my account (I was naive back then, I know) 2. I have closed/cancelled my DirectDebit with them. 3. they couldn't provide me with the package I had Just today, I found out that EE, can actually provide those services within the area I live, and can give me the exact same package I had in Wales. I had ring Virgin Media to tell them that I want to finish my subscription with them, since, they cannot provide me with the same deal, at which point I was told that I have to pay them £143.69 for the remaining contract. Honestly, for some reason, I don't think the Customer Service, nor that lady from EE, treated me correctly, and I was mislead to think that things will be sorted out, etc. I was under a lot o stress back then, (and now when I come to think of it, a little bit naive) since I am a software programmer, and needed the broadband, and fast. I don't know how to deal with this, nor what legal actions to take against it. Should I pay, should I make any complaints? I wasn't presented in detail with my options, and I was just passed from one "dealer" to another, when my only need was the broadband. Can you please give me an advice on how to proceed furthermore with this? Thank you. Kind regards, Adrian.
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