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  1. I couldn't abandon the holiday as we had our Autistic daughter with us who suffers from severe anxiety. She was having total meltdowns and it was very unpleasant to watch her going through that. Plus we porbably would not have found suitable accomodation
  2. Yes, that might be my best bet, to give my reviews etc. I will do that when I get the 200 back .Thanks
  3. I am in agreement with you, but wanted other people's opinions to see if my thinking is correct. As such, it affected the whole family as I had a bad time there and was so uncomfortable and consequently did not sleep well, due to being in unnecessary pain, due to the incorrect facilities. This had a knock on effect with my family because of my moods. Which in a sense spoiled the holiday. We didn't go to the holiday park to use their facilities, but because they could offer the disability facilities I needed.
  4. Basically, there is no way I would have booked the holiday, If I had known they had mis sold the holiday. I said quite clearly to them that it had to be suitable for a wheelchair user and it wasn't. My point being that I was mis sold and they had not complied with my disability rights.
  5. Hi Thanks for responding. I booked through the head office in the UK, but my money was paid direct to their holiday resort in Belgium. I have a copy of my complaint whilst on the Belgium vacation park, which was handed to reception on our 2nd day. When I called the head office in the UK after returning, my first thought was to get the €200 I was forced to pay extra. They immediately agreed to refund that but told me it could take 6 weeks. So I don't want to persue my full claim until I know that money is in my bank. That way I have evidence that they agree that things were not right. It would be inappropriate of me to mention the holiday group on here, but it is a well respected company.
  6. You can make foreign currency payments online through your account.
  7. I made a bank transfer from my debit/current account with RBS. I have the confirmation of payments by email. I didn't want to use my credit card as they would treat it as cash and then charge interest.
  8. Hello I am looking to see if anybody can give me advice. We (my family) have just come back from a holiday in Belgium. We rented holiday accommodation in a holiday centre. When I booked the accommodation, I talked to the sales people and explained that I needed a property that was disability friendly. e.g. At least one bedroom downstairs, with a walk in shower and toilet. We booked a 3 bedroom house. I have arthritis and very bad circulation and very thin skin. I can't afford to have accidents. I do have a blue badge and use a wheelchair when the distance to walk is too far for me. The wheelchair was bespoke and provided by the NHS. One of our daughters is Autistic and has very bad anxiety issues. When we arrived, we got to our accommodation, which was very run down and didn't have a bedroom, toilet and shower room downstairs. My daughter had a meltdown (very heart breaking to see it happening). So I went to reception and complained (this was 4 oclock in the afternoon, having travelled all the way by car from Lincolnshire). All they could offer me was a 4 bedroomed accommodation and it would cost us an extra €400 for the pleasure. We looked at the accommodation and although it had a bedroom, the tiniest toilet room I have ever seen and a bathroom with bath and overhead shower downstairs, it was not disability friendly. Because of the stress and anxiety that our daughter was going through and having nowhere else to go, we went back to reception and accepted the accommodation. I managed to barter the €400 down to €200. The next day I filled a complaints form in accusing them of miss selling us a holiday home. I put on the form that I wanted all the money back, for them not providing the correct sort of accommodation. It spoiled our holiday and I was constantly hurting my self, because I didn't have support handles for lifting myself up. Anyway, when I got back home, I called the head office up and complained. They offered to return the €200 back, which I still haven't received. I do believe I will get that money. Once I receive that, I want to claim for all the money paid for the accommodation on the basis that they effectively miss sold me the wrong type of accommodation and using the disability act to support it. Can anybody give me any advice on this matter, especially as to whether I have a valid claim. I can't afford a lawyer.
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