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  1. Also the car is on a 62 plate
  2. Apologies, my phone had a wobbler and iv only just seen your previous messages... I will try and clear up what iv said lol The car was advertised as a 2013 - 62 in two places. Further down the advert it says model year 2013 stating it is an import. It says on the advert car was first registered in July 2013, it also says date of registration on receipt July 2013. However the log book states date of first reg 5.10.12 and date of first reg in uk 18.7.13 also the receipt states date of first reg 18.7.13 It doesn't say in uk. I hope iv put this right and made sense.
  3. Iv forwarded the letter to the company and they have now entered Into conversations with the dealer. Iv done approx 20miles, iv not used it since sending the letter of rejection, he's replied saying hel do nothing apart from but the car back at a Loss. Oh another thing, iv gone through all the pictures advertising the car on his website and the damage to the door is there if you zoom in.... The damage he has put in writing that has been 100% done since delivery of the car! I'm not too sure what to do now since his reply? Thankyou
  4. Thankyou for your help... I have since sent a letter rejecting the car under the grounds of being mis sold etc Iv not gone into great depth or bumbled on, kept it factual and stated iv stopped using it in line with the rejection. Today, iv had an email back stating the car cannot be rejected as he has not mis sold the car and he's drafted a 200 word letter slagging off the company I used to collect the car. He then says I need to give him the mileage and he will purchase the car back at a loss!! If I copy and paste my letter and their reply would any of you ha
  5. The car was paid for via a bank transfer no finance. We didn't visit the seller, everything was done over the phone and emails Thankyou
  6. I purchased a car yesterday from quite a big dealer approx 100 miles away from myself. A company went and collected the car after negotiation over the phone and emails with the seller. Upon delivery last night I was quite happy with the car albeit a scratch on the driver inside leather and the anti chip protection that had been poorly fitted, however the car was sold and advertised as a 2013 62 first registered july 2013 to be precise the log book quite clearly shows that it was in fact first registered in 2012. The date of 2013 was when it was first bought into the uk.
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