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  1. Thanks everybody, still no definitive answer, I have asked my consultant to fight for me and a social worker, I just don't think I'm up to moving again with my health issues
  2. Hello, I'm disabled and live with my mum, mum has dementia and is currently in a nursing home for a while. Now I have asked the council (Havering) about staying when mum goes, my dad died in 1969 and I'm not sure whether he was the tenant and mum succeeded him or it was a joint tenancy or even if mum was the tenant, when dad died we where under a different council (Tower Hamlets). Now I don't know where I stand and it's very worrying. It is a 2 bedroom maisonette but as I am on dialysis I was hoping that I could have dialysis at home in the 2nd bedroom, along with the dialysis I have also h
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