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  1. He has already claimed the PPI back from them. The debt is now in the hands of Arrow Global?
  2. :!:hi. I am enquiring on behalf of my husband, he had a credit card with MBNA, they were sending letters offering me loans in sept 06. He rang them and requested £3000 loan was informed that they could not give him the loan as he had £6100 outstanding on his credit card with them, they offered him £7500 loan providing that £6100 was cleared of the card and balance put into his bank account and that my credit card limit reduced to £1000 . He agreed to this and took out the loan. his card limit was never reduced and he spent the limit on it. He has since been in default on the credit card for 5 years , would he have any recourse .? if so would you help us with the procedures as its all new to us. Thanking you in advance
  3. Hi, I have probably defaulted over the past 30 yrs , or should i say late payment , but not to the stage where i couldn't pay anymore
  4. Yes 30 years ago. went into Default Last year,!
  5. Hi, I took out a halifax card 30 years ago, i was unable to keep up the payments as i am now out of work they came to an arrangement with me where they have frozen the interest and I pay 5 pound a month. I have looked on my Noodle account and see that i am in default. The balance on that account is 12k. The debt is now with robinson way. I have also been unable to pay my Barclaycard for 4 months ( balance 5k) , they rang me yesterday , i went through my spenditures with them and they advised me that i am in no position to pay anything off it as i have more going out than coming in.. ( Even though i said i would pay a pound off a month) They are holding the interest and i have to contact them in 30 days.? They also said to contact halifax and explain that i can't afford to pay the 5 pounds? I am new to this forum so please bear with me, but i am a little nervous to why they are being so nice. Would someone guide me and set out the does and donts of this arrangement Thanks in advance
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