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  1. I can see wolverines point. But I didnt like the snotty way he made his comments to me. I'm not an idiot. But I do admit to only looking at statements with a brief glance to make sure thete are no HUGE numbers that I dont recognise. So any ppi amounts pale into insignificance against a host of other transactions of much larger amounts eh ? And why should I be scanning for PPI payments when I didnt ask for them.? I would post a copy of the form on here but it may harm my case when I present it to the FO if I make it public ! Cheers
  2. I finally got a written reply from Cap 1 to say they will investigate my complaint and that it will take uop to 8 weekd for a reply. This was from Mr Edgar who sent the intitial reply to my complaint. I didnt actually send a complaint. I sent a request for a colour copy of the original form. Depsite Mr Edgars reply to one of the 4 letters I sent (I'm not sure if it was the first three or the fourth letter which was sent 1st class, recorded and signed for) his reply indicstes that he has not actually read the letter. I had previously spoken to an adviser at Cap1 who went to speak to the guy in charge of form copies and he told me that there is NO original copy of my original application form as when the forms are received and approved they scan the original into a computer and then destroy the original ? I'm now writing to the FO direct.
  3. Thanks DX That reply from the Wolverine took me by surprise I must say ! I can see from the info I have found on here that I may be on a hiding to nothing. But when the copy they sent me clearly shows items have been ticked that are not in my handwriting I do have to ask the question eh? I have NEVER asked any creditors for PPI. Maybe wolverine does work as you suggested. Or maybe he is someone who has the time to scan every bit of paper he gets from credit card comapnies. Personally I am a busy man and I earn a good amount each year. I have many financial transactions going on so £30 a month on a statement does not register anything out of the ordinary. Yes I know I sohuld be more vigilant but I trust big financial organisations NOT to rip me off. Maybe Wolverine can magically find the other 14 Annual PPI statements that I NEVER got from Capital One I am owed money so I will keep on trying to get it back. I have sent two letters to them now with no reply. I have just sent a registered and signed for letter to see if they reply to that. ?
  4. I am assuming that the poor photocopy of my original agreement which is in black and white was done from the origianl paper copy of the agreement. My reason for asking for a hi res colour copy was to see of the ink was a different colour in the PPI check boxes. FYI A left handed tick goes from right to left. Desite the "tickgate" issue why would i not check a statement?? Because I trusted the multi million £ corp to act in my best interest as a valued customer? When i get my statements all I look at is the bottom line so I know what I have to pay back. Small amounts for ppi just slipped into the statement dont even register when you have a lot of purchases eh ? I am just trying to get back money that I have been cheated out of as it is obvious that the ticks in the PPI boxes on the form they sent me were not written by me. Why should I NEED to be checking to make sure that a £30 debit on my busy card was for PPI ? I didnt ask for PPI but they ticked the boxes after I submitted the form. I cant provide an image of the form as this is already in dispute with them . I dont need to do an SAR. I was just investigating what it was . With regard to your comment about the difference between my left handed Tick and a Fraudulent left handed tick ! Imagine that you had a pair of Nike running shoes. But the Nike Tick was just a right angled tick with a sharp corner which started and stopped with straight edges at the start and end of the tick instead of the start and stop of the ticks being tapered. My "decent explanation" is that I never expected a well known provider to rip me off like this . I'm sorry if my situation has annoyed you wolverines. You seem to be somewhat annoyed by me posting for some reason.?
  5. Thanks for the reply DX. I will investigate the SAR route once I have read up on it. Regards Perry
  6. I recently got an annual PPI staement from Capital One to show me all aobut the PPI I have been paying since 2000 ? ANNUAL !! I've never seen one of these before ? i rang them and told them that I didnt know I had PPI. The guy on the phone cancelled the PPI for me and then sent me a complaint form. I filled this in to the best of my knowledge (bearing in mind that this was 15 years ago) and the reply I got from them was long and quite rude to be honest. The guy in charge of PPI claims said this was a non advised sale and said that Capital One would not offer any repayment of PPI. He also sent a bad copy of the origianl agreement. I am left handed with scrawly writing. There are TICKS on a few boxes on the form which I did to indicate that I was a MR etc. But the TICKS on the PPI request section are clearly the result of someone trying to copy a left handed TICK. The guy who wrote the letter went to some detail to say that Capital One NEVER pre populate a form. And I believe him. This form was populated AFTER I sent it to them? I wrote to them 7 days ago to request a Hi Resolution colour photocopy or photograph of the (bad photocopy original)form they sent me in the reply. far no reply but I will call them on Monday to ask if my letter has been received. If not then I will send it again but this time it will be recordred and signed for. To be honest the Hi Res image is not really required as the Ticks on the form have obviously been done by another hand. Possibly a right handed person trying to copy my scruffy lefty ticks I just want the Hi Res Colour copy to see if they have bothered to use the same colour ink? From previous comments I have read about Cap One I think I may be in for a bit of a battle. But hey!! They owe me around £5k ? Regards Perry
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