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  1. Hi All, I got my ESA renewal form around January of this year and sent it back in time for the deadline in March. I have proof of postage and they also signed for it when it was delivered. As you might have noticed, there's been a global pandemic since then and everything's been suspended. I haven't received any kind of correspondence from the DWP since that initial form and I've no idea if this is normal, as there must be a massive backlog for them to work through. I've called twice but after an hour on the phone waiting, I had to give up. The telephone sys
  2. Sorry all, forgot to update this Friday when I'd plucked up the courage to ring them. Apparently it was just a roundabout way of informing me when I'll be re-assessed. Phew!
  3. Hi All, Had the great news that my MR was successful in overturning my PIP assessment and had my backpay paid this week. The MR gave me 20+ points and said it would apply until 2022. However, we've now received a 2nd one saying they can't award PIP from 2022 onwards, but all the points are the same as the other MR. Presumably this is just saying I'll need to be re-assessed around that time? God, it's such a headache!
  4. Hi, I'm currently waiting to be assessed by Maximus - I've sent my ESA50 back and am waiting for them to decide if I can have a home assessment. I've been sent a P60U today - is this normal? It shows how much I've received in ESA, but nothing under "taxable income" - presumably because I'm on Income Related ESA? Just wondering why I've been sent this. Is it normal?
  5. So I'm right about the 5 week thing not affecting me? Sorry, I have pretty bad anxiety. I've no idea why PIP is 4 weekly, some are fortnightly and some are monthly. I like my ESA being paid fornightly, as I've got used to it that way, so I'm dreading moving to UC.
  6. Thanks. So, as I thought, this won't affect those of us not working? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/universal-credit-different-earning-patterns-and-your-payments/universal-credit-different-earning-patterns-and-your-payments-payment-cycles I'm glad to know it's not 4 weekly but is actually monthly. I always get confused with the dates for PIP because it changes every month!
  7. I've read in a few places that people who are paid weekly will earn slightly too much in a 5week month and thus end their UC claim, even though their circumstances haven't changed. This is for those in work. I presume this doesn't affect those in the support group of ESA who don't do any work when they're eventually moved over to UC? I.e. I will get a payment every 4 weeks regardless of how many weeks are in a month, which is the same way PIP is paid currently.
  8. So I'm right in thinking I'll stay on ESA? As my circumstances won't have changed?
  9. Hi, the area I live in is due to go from live-service to full-service UC in April of next year, which is roughly when I'm due for reassessment of ESA. I'm in the Support Group right now. Am I right in thinking I will stay on ESA if I pass the WCA with the right points, and won't move onto Universal Credit? Thanks
  10. Hi, I was in WRAG for a year between Dec 2015 and Dec 2016, when I was moved into the Support Group. I had my ESA50 for that in August 2016 and the assessment in October of the same year. When I rang the DWP to ask about my award period, she first looked and said it ended in April 2017 but then corrected herself and said it was an 18 month award. Question is - when does my 18 month period go from? When I got the ESA50, or when I got my assessment result in December? Will I get sent an ESA50 automatically as I was last year?
  11. Hi, I'm disabled and live with my parents. I claim IR-ESA and PIP, my mum gets Carer's allowance for looking after me my dad is approaching retirement age - he's on contributions based ESA, and receives a private pension from the job he was medically retired from. My question is - when I eventually get moved over to Universal Credit, will my ESA amount be affected by my dad's income? I don't think it should be, as it currently isn't I'm under the impression your parents' income has no effect on your entitlement. Hope someone with better knowledge can he
  12. Firstly, get evidence of all the conversations and record any meetings with Ingeus. Then, see a solicitor (there should be some who will offer you a 30 minute consultation for free) because Ingeus have definitely breached the Data Protection Act here and you could very easily bring a case about them. At the very least, the woman who is your ex-husband's girlfriend's cousin should absolutely lose her job over this. And if it's true she's been laughing about the type of people who have to go to Ingeus and with your mental health history being leaked, I'd go to the bloody press about it
  13. Ingeus have said they'll pay for the taxi fare. Can't help but think I'll get there and they won't pay for me to get home. I'm taking my dad with me anyway as he helps to look after me. My dad has typed up a letter asking that in future they notify us of their first aid qualifications, proof they can provide a private area and who exactly will be qualified on the day I am there and what their experience in epilepsy is. Doctor has read it and thinks it's excellent. Question is - what will Ingeus do? I don't want to be sanctioned purely because I want to feel safe if I'm being made to go so
  14. Well, they did put it in writing but it was very vague. Just sort of: Dear XXXXX, As you requested, we have reviewed your ESA claim and feel it was correct to place you in the Work-Related Activity Group. Any extra medical evidence you sent has been kept on file or destroyed, as we are unable to return it due to the Data Protection Act. If you wish to take this decision to a tribunal... and then all the details of that. Basically, they didn't say why they couldn't put me in the support group (despite my GP going through the list and saying I should 'easily' qualify for
  15. Bazooka, I asked for a mandatory reconsideration and was told that I did not meet the criteria for the support group. I didn't go to appeal because I knew I would not be able to see my Neurologist before the tribunal (he's the top one in the country) and felt it was best to just try to get my epilepsy under control. 12 months later and it is worse than ever. I'm hoping that with the rafts of medical evidence I have provided Maximus, they will see that I am now severe enough to be in the support group. Maximus, I must admit, have been excellent with me. I forgot
  16. Back story: I have severe anxiety (I haven't left the house for 6 weeks at this point), depression, epilepsy and a few other conditions which aren't under control. I've been claiming ESA for just over a year and was placed into WRAG and referred to Ingeus at that time. I attended the first few meetings (which were tough for me) but they then closed the local office down meaning to get to appointments it is a 2 hour trip involving several buses. For someone with severe anxiety and epilepsy which isn't controlled, this simply isn't possible. I have attended one meeting at this locatio
  17. Just wondering. I'm currently in WRAG section of ESA and have just sent back my form to be reassessed. If I'm placed in the WRAG group again, will I lose £30 a week from April or will I not be effected as I'm a 'continuing claim'? Having said that, I hope I'm placed into the support group this time as my doctors and neurologists think I'm unfit for work or work-related activity as my condition has got significantly worse. I think I've filled in the form better this time, as I had help from my parents who told me to go into detail more. Just waiting for any kind of response from Maxim
  18. Here's how incompetent they are: Got a text from them at 10:30am this morning - "Hi, You do not need to attend your appointment with XXXX tomorrow at 15.15 as our offices will be closed on Friday 5th February. We will make another appointment in writing" Funny, because they never even told me about this appointment in the first place. Then at 4.59pm today: "Hi, just a reminder that your appointment is with XXXX on Friday 5th February at 15.15" I'm presuming the appointment reminder is automated but it just shows how bloody incompetent they are. And this is afte
  19. Spoke to the DWP, wrote my letter and included all my evidence and info about my change of condition. The good news is the DWP said I'll still get paid whilst they consider it, so that's something good.
  20. Well, I've spoke to Ingeus and... "Nope, it makes no difference, you still have to do WRA" apparently. This is despite my doctor saying "No, you need these 12 weeks and possibly longer whilst your medication is in transition," However, Ingeus have re-arranged today's appointment for in 4 weeks time' and recommended I contact DWP to report a worsening of my condition, so that's what I'm doing now.
  21. Thanks for that. I'll be contacting Ingeus later to see if my sick note exempts me from WRA. I'm presuming it does for the time specified by my doctor. It really is laughable that they want me to attend these sessions even though I have a counsellor for my depression and am sleeping 16 hours a day due to this new medication. It's almost as if they just assume you're lying and trying it on. When she said "I know plenty of epileptics at work" I really had to bite my tongue. The new medication I'm on makes me quite short-tempered unfortunately, and people like this don't help. I'll be
  22. The anxiety is very bad for me also. I hate being forced to attend things which I know aren't helping me. My adviser at Ingeus is very pushy (she kept going on about ESA isn't permanent, and how she knows plenty of epileptics who work.) I felt like telling her I want to work, but considering my consultants (I'm currently seeing the top Neurologist in the country) have no idea what causes my epilepsy (other than that it seems to be worsened by stress) it's very difficult for me.
  23. Hi, I'm not sure if I would qualify as I'm currently only "worsening" whilst they try various different medications to try and get my epilepsy under control. I do find the depression very hard though and am in the process of changing anti-depressants. I'm not sure of the process of re-assessment either. Will I stop getting ESA whilst they reconsider my claim?
  24. I'm supposed to attend a meeting with them this afternoon but my doctor has given me this sick note declaring me unfit for work for 13 weeks. Will I still need to attend ingeus during this period? I assumed my doctor signing me off would mean no WRA.
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