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  1. Well I've had a quick scan through it all and the first thing that leaps out was tucked right at the back. Both CCAs. With my signature, the right address, the whole kit and caboodle. They can't find them when i ask for them, but they've got them. One of them is 31 years old! Go figure.
  2. Well the paperwork from the SAR request has arrived. About 2 inches thick! Guess that's the next few days sorted out.
  3. I don't recall receiving default notices, which doesn't mean that they weren't issued. I've done my SAR, I just need to get to the PO. If Barclaycard did place defaults on my CRA records now it would have a big impact. I would have a strong argument for the default to be moved back to roughly 6 months after i failed to make the required payments, but when do Barclaycard listen to reason.
  4. I failed to make the required monthly payments from about May 2010, I don't have all statements, so it might have been a month or two earlier. I've checked experian, equifax and callcredit, neither account shows on any report.
  5. No dates to the T&C's, although they mention Barclaycard cheques, which aren't in the current T&C's I've only got one recon, for the Mastercard card. They've only acknowledged the CCA for the Visa card, and interestingly, they say the next monthly payment should be £0.00 I don't recall a default notice, but i did set up the DMP through a fee paying company (i've since been self managing the debts). I have been seriously considering a SAR to see how much i might be able to reclaim. I've been paying reduced payments since Oct 2010, a total of £170.30 with an APR of 3%. One thing else - when i received the recon CCA for the mastercard, i also received two covering letters for other people. This is obviously a breech of data protection, so should i report it to someone like the ICO? I'll also need to return these letter to Barclaycard, can anyone suggest an address?
  6. I recently sent CCA requests to Barclaycard for the two cards i have with them and have received replies to both requests. I not sure however how to interpret them and how to proceed. A little background might help to explain the situation. The two accounts are positively ancient. I'm not sure when i got the Mastercard account, i think it was a few years after the Visa account, but when exactly i don't know. I know when i opened the Visa though. It was opened when i went to university, in 1984. I've been making reduced payments to Barclaycard for about 4 1/2 years under what i assume is an arrangement to pay. But i don't know as Barclaycard have not been reporting the accounts to any of the CRAs. Its odd, but i've checked all 3 and they're not on any report. So i'm unsure what to do. Do i leave things alone knowing that its not going to effect my credit rating or do i make a claim of unenforceable debts? Any insight or advice would be most welcome.
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