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  1. I'm aware she has a store which sells secondhand dryers (hence my explanation that she is a professional conman- I don't think I'm the first person she's tricked) which is in Shildon, Durham. I paid by Cash. Very smart of her to ask for Cash as this meant I have no proof of payment, save for a small receipt she wrote me. I hope I am covered by the SOGA but I think the process will take a long time. I'm more concerned with the unfairness of the situation to be fair and I want to make sure I could bring her to court if I have to. This is so bad. I have no idea Gumtree is literal
  2. I have been done over by this company which sells off dryers which don't work for a hefty sum (considering that it is a second hand, possibly third hand dryer which doesn't work). The seller attempted to replace the first dryer which she has sold me with another in what said was an effort to 'repair the dryer' (I requested for her to perform her part when she promised a 2 months guarantee, well that went to didn't it). The second dryer didn't work either and when I sent her a message she never replied. She sells on Gumtree and goes by this number: ...............
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