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  1. they sent me a POPLA code. sorry delete this post please AND: We refer to your appeal regarding the above parking charge notice. The above vehicle was issued with a parking charge notice for: “NO PERMIT” at the above location. The contravention of this site regulation can clearly be seen within the photographic evidence taken at the time. It stipulates within the site terms and conditions that all motorists must clearly display a valid Permit within the windscreen of their vehicle in order to comply with the site regulations. Your vehicle was in breach of the site terms and conditions therefore a parking charge notice was issued. We have noted your comments however; your vehicle was parked in the Permit Holders Only bay without a valid Parking Permit. Therefore we cannot take your mitigating comments into account. We have provided clear evidence that by staying at the location, the motorist has accepted all of the prevailing terms & conditions of the parking contract including the charges for breach of that contract. Please, see the photographic evidence below. In regards to your comments that the Notice to Keeper does not comply with the Schedule 4 of Protection of Freedoms Act 2015, please, find attached the escalation process timetable which we follow and which does comply with the POFA. If you need more information on the POFA, please, see the Appendix C of the British Parking Association Code of Practice or use the following link: There are a large number of signs at the parking location, both at the entrance and throughout the site which offers the parking contract to the motorist and sets out the terms and conditions of the parking area upon which the operator will rely, and upon which, by remaining at the location, the motorist has agreed to be bound by – these terms and conditions clearly show the amount which will become payable if the terms and conditions are breached. When parking on private land, a motorist freely enters into an agreement to abide by the conditions of parking in return for permission to park. It is therefore the motorist’s responsibility to ensure that he or she abides by the conditions of parking. We would like to point out that you parked in the area owned by Cromwells where permits are required as stipulated within the signage throughout the location (image below). Gemini Parking Solutions fully complies with the guidelines set by that of the British Parking Association who are the regulating body for the parking industry. We ensure that photographic evidence is taken with every PCN that is issued in case of disputes. You were parked outside of the set terms and conditions of the site and as a result we have rejected your appeal as your representations did not make sufficient grounds. The payment for £100 is now due as you have exceeded the 14 day period. Failure to pay the amount will result in further costs being incurred and may also result in Gemini Parking Solutions Ltd Instructing a Debt Collection agency to collect any sum due. You have now reached the end of our internal appeals procedure. Should you wish to make a second appeal, this can be made to POPLA who provide an independent appeals service. We have enclosed the POPLA appeals form that you will need to complete and send to POPLA. All representations to POPLA will need to be received within 28 days from the date of this letter. Should POPLA’s decision not go in your favour you will be required to pay the full amount of £100.00. By law we are also required to inform you that Ombudsman Services (www.ombudsman-services.org/) provides an alternative dispute resolution service that would be competent to deal with your appeal. However, we have not chosen to participate in their alternative dispute resolution service. As such should you wish to appeal then you must do so to POPLA, as explained above.’ Yours faithfully, Appeals Centre Please, see the site pictures below:
  2. Reference number :........ Vehicle registration: ........ I wish to appeal this charge as the NTK does not comply with the protocols of the PoFA for keeper liability. As it is non-compliant I expect you to now cancel it and cease all further correspondence. right gentleman thats an email im goning to send them is there anything else thats need to be added ?
  3. can i just send them an email of this lol?
  4. finally received the letter from gemini. please any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. just waiting for the letter:confused:
  6. to honest to were a lot of sign i just didnt think they would be that quick:sad:
  7. this was the first time i went to eurocarparts the issue reason given on the ticket is: no permit and underneath it says : the vehicle was a parked on private property in contravention of the site parking restrictions as displayed pn the singnage or permit.
  8. yes finance yes i am the keeper
  9. got a ticket of £60 earlier, car park was split into two halfs one for cromwell the other for eurocarparts there was signage. just went to ask if they stocked certain items step in the door 2 mins later bam ticket the parking attendant must of been lurking somewhere for him to ticket and disappear that quick:???: should i pay it ? i am on PCP solutions finance plan if that matters
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