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  1. Hi Slick the latest update on the case is that I haven't received any other email but they keep sending me sms texts and o received another letter. So they chasing me for money. I am starting to worry what is going to happen and where will this go as maybe golds gym is right that I should oay for February but my point is I wasn't made aware of this their staff misleading me completely and I wasn't contacted by them... I am not sure how should I act I don't want to have court cases etc
  2. hi Slick, thanks for your email. I just wonder as i never been in situation like this one if i just keep ignoring them and not paying then aren't going to keep applying bigger fine and maybe take me to court?
  3. Hi Slick ! And here it is - response from CRS "Further to your email of 28th August 2015, we initially wish to confirm that it is not necessary for any agreement to exist between you and us for our involvement to be entirely valid. Any party may appoint another party to act on their behalf. You have referred to reporting our actions to the CMA and were you to do so there would be no requirement for Golds gym or ourselves to have entered into an agreement with the CMA in order for their involvement to be legitimate. Golds Gym have employed us to act on their behalf in this matter and
  4. Hi Slick! thanks a lot for this again. just to give you and update i sent your letter to them weeks ago no reply whatsoever, should i chase them?
  5. Hi SLick, Thanks a lot for your respond! So Basically - the monthly membership was £35, they couldn't take it from my account on 15th of Jan as I cancelled the DD before that - so they on 19th I received the letter from Golds Gym. I went there, paid the outstanding £35 and £15 fee for the delay I believe or whatever wasn't really explained but maybe you right like an admin fee for not being able to take that money from my bank account... and I said I want to cancel now etc, so the stuff filled out the form and as mentioned in my previous email they advised me all i
  6. Hi there guys, I hope someone can advise me on the below: I cancelled my Direct Debit in January 2015 after being with Gold’s Gym [Hanwell]for around 2 years, however I havent sent them written notice or whatever at first. – so after that I received letter from Gold’s Gym on 19th of January chasing me for unpaid January monthly membership that they were trying to take from my account on 15thJan as each month. Right away I called local Hanwell gym and went there as instructed on the same day January 19th 2015. I discussed the situation with present at the reception Golds Gym personnel we d
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