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  1. Hi my neighbours are paranoid about secruity they have cameras every where , No complaints there one of these cameras does appear to be pointing directly onto our garden. We have written to them asking them to respect our privacy and to please direct their camera away from our back garden but as yet the camera has not be moved this is particularly concerning me as i have two teenage daughters. What can i do legally about this intrusion that is within the law?
  2. Not actually true the land that i have been maintaining is between my property and the landowners it is where a hedge used to be. The fete was held on his land which i was not maintaining.On the deeds to my property it is not clear these were drawn up before the hedge was planted. AND ON THE PLANS IT IS A THICK BLACK LINE the area does not exist on the plans .although it must be there somewhere....?
  3. Hang on a minute your definition of adverse possession does that mean that if the owner was unaware that i was using his land for 12 years it is now mine?
  4. ok as it turns out the landowner is not the council and is totally unaware of me maintaining his land.. i did contact him last year to hold a Fete on his land in order to take out Public events insurance for this event. Does this change things
  5. hi i have maintained a small piece of land right next to my property that when i moved in some 12 years ago had a hedge growing on it and had to seek the councils permission to remove this hedge. Now 12 years on having maintain this piece of ground i would like to Adopt it so as to put a vehicle on it as parking is difficult. How do i go about this? And is it possible for me to own it outright and if so how do i go about it?
  6. Hi and thanks to you all for the advice please keep it coming...its great to try to get as much info on a subject before i make a decision! At present the recommend retail price for my products is set by a wholesaler who i am tied to by a contract.Most of of my Income is now generated by Goods which attract UK mainland VAT which I collect and forward to the wholesaler BUT only at and here,s the confusing bit ( 00.1666) that is I Take my gross sales for vat goods and multiply this amount by a factor of 00.1666 to arrive at an amount that is then classed as NET from which i then take my commission. Some of the distributors are VAT registered so I,m trying to find out what is the best way forward any input from you guys would be appreciated
  7. Hi, I,m a self employed book reseller or what is known as a BOOK MAN, I require advice on whether i can set up an offshore company as i do not actually purchase any stock i respond to my customers order and most of my stock comes from abroad.I ,m told this is Sale or return. I would also like advice on reclaiming the VAT since most of my sales are Vatable which i collect and at the moment pass on to the wholesalers, However if i was VAT registered i could claim some of this back ( i gather its an admin nightmare but is it possible if i base my company off shore? } NI contributions is another area where i have gaps in my knowledge, AS a single parent the inland revenue in their wisdom have classed me as a HOME MAKER and as such i should not have to pay any N I contributions to insure i get a Basic state pension until my children become 16 years of age. HOWEVER last year on my self employed returns which i do on line my earnings were above a certain level that i had to pay around £300 pounds NI or they were going to fine me.IS there any way of finding out what my obligations are regarding N I for working single MALE PARENTS who are classed as HOMEMAKERS by the INLAND REVENUE without getting confused by some faceless bureaucrat who specialises in talking in circles and only does the job for the pension when they retire ie most of the civil service
  8. :-ohi and thanks i feel so strongly about the way this child minder has behaved she is just a bully and i want some sort of redress for the way she has acted. I,m in business myself and if i acted like her i would have no customers. she has constantly either by phone or text demanded this money that i do not owe her. I want to take her through the courts so she cant do this to other parents. she cited on the court papers that i had committed Fraud is this Defamatory and can i get her on a harassment charge for demanded money with out due cause?
  9. i have the letter fom the court and spoke to the court this morning they tell me that she is acting illegally so i want to pursue her through MCOL but require knowledge of what law she is breaking
  10. the firm is called BFL solutions ltd and they collect money for childminders and nurseries alike
  11. I had a disagreement over opening hours with a child minder . she did not open when she said she would ie at 7 am . This cost me money as I am self-employed . i found another setting for my children and refused to pay her as she had broken a written and verbal contract. She took me to the county court and the judge struck out the claim .Now she has instructed a collection agency to recover her so call losses .I have spoken to the court and they have informed me that she is breaking the law by engaging this collection agency. I wish to counter claim on MCOL but am not 100% certain what laws she has broken. For sure she has cause my family upset and distress . This case has been going on since the summer hols 2014 anybody got any suggestion what i can pursue her with through MCOL. thanks:-x
  12. HI I've been taken to a county court by a child minder for non payment . The claim was struck out by the judge but the other day i received a letter from a bailiff . What i need to know is if the claim was struck out has she acted unlawfully by instructing bailiff and can i now counter claim.
  13. Hi i have had a similar experience with a child minder She took me via MCOL to a county court over a debt the claim was struck out but now she has instructed bailiffs.(correction -a dca - DX) What I need to know is if the claim was struck out how come she can instruct bailiffs , has she broken any laws in doing so and can i now counter claim?
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