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  1. why not send a CCA request for each one.



    if you think they are the same loan

    then a debt buyer cannot change a defaulted date

    and cannot issue or mark your file either



    all a debt buyer can do is update [or more accurately 'replace' their name, where the OC's was]




    okay thank you I will do that. should I ask for copies of the default notices as part of that?

  2. Yes it will be a pay day loan they have taken over. The reference to payments will be what you previously paid to the PDL company.


    DO NOT contact them. You should have been sent a letter from the PDL company or Motormile giving you formal notice as to what debt had been transfered to Motormile.


    Wait for them to send you a letter through the post with more information. You certainly don't respond to an email.


    Is your current address showing on your credit reference record ? If you have moved, you should always make sure your Bank and other companies you have financial arrangements with, know your new address. This is to make sure thet cannot get sneaky CCJ's using an old address.


    I am still at the same address, for a few more weeks. I am not aware of receiving any letter from the company or previous PDloaners, but I may have and thrown it away in fear when I was at my lowest :/ I did that with a few things trying to hide from them :(

  3. Typical rubbish from them


    I've moved you to the mmf forum


    Lots here on them.


    It will be a pdl debt


    Just remember

    They are a debt buyer

    So are not baillifs

    And have no such legal powers


    To put it bluntly...Willy waving to fleece money out of you


    thank you... so should I approach the two payday companies and try to sort out the debts I have direct with them? if they let me off some interest I can probably repay them in full in a lump sum... would they let me negotiate to get them wiped off my file?

  4. I have received an email from a company called Motormile Finance, they say thank you for payments on my account and they wish to work with me on a manageable repayment plan.


    I do not know of any debt with this organization.


    I did , two years ago, have a lot of problem with debt - I was unemployed for a while and experienced quite extreme depressions, I got into a mess and made some bad choices. I did have two payday loans which I stopped making payments on - I had repaid the original amount but not all the interest. One was lending stream and one was my jar. I intend to contact them when I am able to get some sort of repayment organised.


    What should I do about the email from Motormile? I have definitely never made any payments to this company and the email gives no details of any debt (amounts, or dates or anything) it just gives a reference number which I do not recognice, and my name.


    thank you in advance for any advice :)

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