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  1. That doesn't sound too bad, it's a shame they have sent my graphics cards on a trip around the world to the manufacturor! for up to 28 more days or so. What I really want to know is, is it against the law for a shop who sold you faulty goods to tell you to go away and sell them second hand because they don't feel like giving you a refund on the goods?
  2. Thanks, that seems like sound advice. I'm really fuming that I lost at customer service roulette because it's a different person that gets back to you each time at overclockers on the same support ticket . And i seem to have got the one so far. The problem with taking it to a computer shop is that I have to find one where they will plug in two cards and three monitors for testing which i think some of the dinky little shops in my area won't want to do. Maybe I should try the overclockers uk complaints ticket but I know i'll say something with a bit too much rage.
  3. I'm sure the people using one and one monitor are happy enough. but that guy seems like a complete tool. why would I send it back without a problems? he seems to think I want to send my cards on a 7 day + 28 day holiday just to get them back and sell them second hand. And all because he doesn't understand the problem and thinks he knows the ins and out of the graphics cards like he built it himself. He has delcaired it has no faults (without and proof) and that's that? I certainly won't be selling them second hand after this, and there certainly is a problem with them. I'm itching to complain about this guy but i'm unsure what exactly to say that won't harm my case
  4. Bad news everyone. During part of the ongoing conversation with Overclockers UK they told me that they test in house before sending the parts to the manufacturer and I was pleased with that as with my instructions it's real easy to see the fault. They have had the parts for over a week and I had not heard back from them so I enquired with this email. "Hello, we were really hoping to have heard back from you about our faulty R9 290's as we are completely without graphics cards. If you could tell us where you are at with everything we would really appreciate it." to which they replied back with " The graphics card was sent to Sapphire on the 02/09/2015 and we have not yet had anything back from them, we do have to allow 28 days for the manufacturer to repair/replace the item, if they have not got back to us within that time we then intervene." Again this seems fine, but obviously as it's a problem build into all R9 290 cards waiting 28 days is a waste of time, they aren't going to suddenly fix in 28 days something that has been inherently wrong with the cards since they came out. So in order to speed things along to the part where I get some new graphics cards instead of waiting for 28 fruitless and pointless days I send this email. "In a message on the 17/082015 we were told that you have them back to be tested and then sent to sapphire once the fault was confirmed. This being the case and the fault being something inherent to the R9 290 series of cards that is basically it. There are no R9 290's without the problem, there isn't anything they can do to fix them and we need to start looking at what to do next. So as per our original email we would like to start the process of exchanging the faulty R9 290 cards for a Nvidia 980ti and we would like like to also split the difference for a second 980ti because otherwise we will be waiting around for 28 days for sapphire to do nothing." Everything I say makes sense and I haven't had a problem so far, but its customer service roulette and the next guy that replies is completely rude, obnoxious and ignorant "As you can imagine we sell lots of graphics cards, and the r9 290 is no exception to this list, there is no such "major issue" with these graphics cards I am sure if you have seen people having issues on forums they are vocal minorities. People wouldnt post on forums about issues, rather than people posting that the item works as expected. Once the item gets back from sapphire you will be able to sell your graphics card if you wish. Regards, Matt OBrien" Firstly he is dismissive because he believes there are no faulty R9 290 graphics cards as everyone haven't send theirs back but what makes him particually ignorant is that running two R9 290's on three monitors is very different from using one R9 290 on one monitor even I myself had no problem with using it on one monitor. Then he tells me that once I get back (in 28 days) that I then have to sell it! I can't fathom if this person is even for real, why would I send it back to them just to have them send it back to me to sell it second hand? This guy seems like a complete .. but i'm reluctant to tell him so or anyone on their complaints page at the bottom of this link https://www.overclockers.co.uk/webnote.php just incase he is one of the management who runs the place. suffice to say this guy has me swearing the air blue, if they really did test it in house first like they said they were going to then this guy is even dumber than he seems!
  5. Now that I have 10 posts and can do links I made the whole thing up in PC Part Picker http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/HBmVzy
  6. Once the car is fixed they are going straight to the post office on the RMA
  7. Sure, the family car fell apart so we haven't sent the graphics cards back on their RMA yet. Case: BitFenix Ghost Processor: Intel I7 4770K running at stock CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S Motherboard: Asus Z87-Pro Ram: G.Skill RipjawsX 16GB (2x8GB) 1866mhz SSD: Sandisk 64gb as a Intel Rapid Storage Cache for my other drive C: 2TB Segate Barracuda Storage Drive: 2TB WD MyBook Fraps Drive: 2xTB Segate Barracuda RAID 0 Graphics Cards: R9 290 tri-x Sapphire, R9 290 Windforce DVD: some cheap thing Extra Fans 5x BitFenix 120mm Spectre PRO Black PSU: Corsair 850W RM850 I was going to use the Asus Auto Overclock and that's the entire reason I went with Asus and it gave me a bad overclock that crashes and it took me ages to figure out that was what was doing it as I expected that couldn't be the fault. The fans in the case are setup with two on the front as intake, one under the case as intake, one on the top (but at the front) as intake and the fifth one at the very back as exhaust, I was also told to remove the PCI covers at the back below each of the graphics cards so there is more holes out the back for further exhaust. When I'm running Final Fantasy 14 with the CPU running all 4(8) cores and the Graphics on Max the CPU is at 59 - 60 degrees and the Graphics card is at 82 degrees AMD had a statement saying the card is supposed to run comfortable up to 90 degrees for a lifetime though. Even if my power supply is good I've often worried about the electrics in the house, for example if you use those power plug things to get the internet around the house you get some terrible speeds in some places, and the whole house is on a single circuit, one of my plugs was tripping the shut down in the whole house recently and needed a new faceplate. whenever I mention we should get the electrics looked at though I'm told its expensive and "the TV works just fine, so it's fine" I wouldn't even know how to begin testing if the outlet plug is putting out enough clean power to the PSU, but I was thinking about getting a Uninterrupted Power Supply, but I didn't see any UK versions that were cheap and had proper sine waves rather than artificial ones and I just gave up browsing through them all.
  8. They just got back to me Thankyou for your webnote. Unfortunately due to the age of the order and the warranty being held with the manufacturer I can only offer to have them back to be tested and then sent to Sapphire once a fault has been confirmed I'm afraid. Regards, David Muni
  9. I am using three BenQ G2222HDL Monitors, They are all connected to the R9 290 Sapphire Tri-X which is in the first PCI-E and the Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 OC WindForce is in the second PCI-E slot. The monitors are all HD certified and only have VGA and DVI connections. I have them connected as DVI, DVI and Eyefinity certified Display Port to DVI. The 100% repeatable way to get the problem to occur: Set Desktop to Extended Desktop Mode (important) Play any third party sound source MP3, Internet Radio, Video File (audibly helpful) Now run any game with Crossfire and Vsync turned on and get ready to cover your ears! If you set the desktop to Eyefinity Desktop instead and run a game that runs triple screen like Dirt 3 or whatever following the same steps the problem doesn't occur which proves there isn't anything wrong with the cables or sound card or anything., you can even run a game that doesn't run triple screen or turn the triple screen compatible game to a single screen resolution and it will duplicate on all three monitors without a problem too. If you follow the same steps and turn one of the Graphics Cards in the Catalyst Control Centre off then the problem doesn't occur. but then you have a £280 graphics card turned off and idle like a paperweight If you follow the same steps and turn Vsync off then the problem doesn't occur either but there is all sorts of problems with that too, screen tearing, some games won't even let you turn it off, some games force vsync on the cut scenes even if you turn it off for the rest of the game and my favourite some games force vsync on when you alt tab out of it if you can believe that! even when its off when you have the program in the forefront! So if it can work with Eyefinity Desktop mode then why not use that all the time? well if you run a game that cannot be displayed across three screens it duplicates the game across all three monitors. some times it isn't even that the game can't be run in a three screen resolution but that it would ruin weather the game was fair for other players I.E a lot of competitive online games only support three screens in the single player mode. Which brings us back to the beggining, you should be able to use Extended Desktop mode and most people will be spending alot of time in extended desktop mode. and it's not just me either, it's well documented with the google searches "R9 290 crossfire audio" , "R9 290 crossfire DPC latency issue" I still just can't post links to specific threads as I don't have 10 posts yet.
  10. Do you think I should finish my conversation with the person behind the RMA Web form reply completely through first or try and also talk to one of these other people straight away simultaneously because it might get to the result quicker and smoother? I really hope so, I was disappointed enough when I plugged those two extra monitors in and it didn't work right, I really didn't want what I really really feel is a simple swap to drag out or go wrong. It just blows my mind that it's advertised on the box and its been a known problem for 2 years and AMD haven't lifted a finger, I can't wait to be with the other manufacturer as most people I know use Nvidia and don't run into problems.
  11. Ah I see most people in this topic are familiar with them, I have started to contact them and I'll share what has been written so far, first my initial question to the RMA web form We have been having a problem with the Graphics Cards we have purchased as when you use AMD R9 290's in crossfire with 3 monitors they have horrible issues and yet it clearly says on the box and instructions that they can do Crossfire and MultiMonitor without problems. A simple Google search for the exact phrase without the quotes "R9 290 crossfire audio" will bring up some and "R9 290 crossfire dpc latency issue" will bring up some more and those are just two ways of searching for people with the same confirmed problem. None of people who have marked their issue as solved have really solved it. Of course our computer will need new graphics cards so we would like to exchange the unsatisfactory R9 290's that are not fit for purpose for two GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G and pay the difference in costs. I realise this case is outside the time frame of your stores return policy but I am referring to consumer rights in which you have up to six years to complain. Hopefully the fact that I am looking to exchange and invest the money back in the store and even more on top of that will be seen favourably. at this point they ask back about the fact I had to exchange one of the new cards for another brand right after it was delivered to me because the second card was half a centimetre too big to fit inside the case, I simply asked for another model and we split the diffrence. Thankyou for your webnote. From the order I can see that one of the Sapphire graphics cards was refunded shortly after purchase is that correct? Yes that is correct, the Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 did not fit within the case, you then very kindly swapped one for a slightly shorter model that you can see in this PDF Invoice you sent me, a Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 OC WindForce 4096MB GDDR5 "Can I please confirm if the graphics cards have been checked individually to check whether one of them is indicating an obvious fault at all?" If there is a fault with one or both of the cards then as the order is now almost 18 months old they would need to be sent to manufacturer for repair/replacement service as the warranty period is held with them. This is the part that worried me because most layman friendly explanations of the sale of goods act say the first thing a store will do is say it's not their problem but the manufacturer. So I then sent them this email: The fault is with two R9 290 graphics cards in crossfire on multiple monitors which means the fault with the product was there from day one of sale and that the product was sold as faulty as they clearly advertise that you can run the graphics cards together on multiple monitors. That said the solution you have provided cannot work: 1. Getting a replacement is pointless as the problem will be on the new R9 290's. 2. Sending them for repairs is pointless as the problem is manufactured into the cards, the only solution is to use other graphics cards. This is why we sent the first email stating that we're interested in other graphics cards after having found out these one will not work together on multiple monitors. What more can we do to assure you that we would not like more/different/repairs R9 290's? If after learning that if you used them as advertised I'm sure you yourself would not want to keep them for your home system. The only fault with them independently as far as we can see if that they can't be used together on multiple monitors which is a huge independent fault if that is exactly what you are doing with them! Once again we are interested in two 980 TI Graphics cards and a resolution that arrives us at them.
  12. and They are called Overclockers UK, i'd provide a link but the forums say I cannot do that until ten posts have been made, they should be the first result in a google search though.
  13. Surely I can't be in a bad situation just because AMD wouldn't ever admit to being at fault?! I mean the problem can be proven and replicated endlessly 100% of the time by just plugging the cards into a computer and attaching three monitors.
  14. It's more of a known fault on the internet rather than a acknowledged by the manufacturer who is AMD (Advance Micro Devices) Anyone trying to contact AMD simply gets told they have received the report of the fault and then no further resolution comes from it. People have been reporting this fault since September the 25th 2013 it seems with nothing to show for it. And I've only just become aware of it since I plugged in three monitors in order to use an advertised feature The only problem with a replacement is that the replacement will also have the fault. That particular graphics card is built with the fault and cannot even do what is advertised on it's own box, instruction booklet and web page. I'd rather receive anything other than a replacement as Advance Micro Devices has since made newer graphics cards and no longer cares about problems with their older models, and I'd be going around in circles replacing them! The only other company that makes graphics cards now is called Nvidia and I'd really only accept Nvidia Graphics cards, A refund or Nvidia Graphics cards with a discount from store credit.
  15. I always seem to have problems recounting the law when it comes to faulty returns, usually I just give up and buy something new when it breaks if it's cheap enough because when you talk to someone at the shop you bought it from they often don't know the law themselves. This time though the thing I bought was expensive at £284.99 plus £274.99 The shorter explanation is I bought two graphics cards over a year ago 21/02/2014 and 01/03/2014 only to find out very recently there is a manufactured fault on the graphics cards when you use three monitors which is something they advertise on the box that they can do. Can I get my money back as its a manufactured fault from day one of sale? I've tried offering them a deal with exchanging the refund money towards two new graphics card and supplementing the difference in cost with my own money, but so far they have just blamed the manufacturer and offered a replace / repair which won't help. The longer version of the same story is I bought two graphics cards for my computer they were identical and on the same day (but one of them was too long for the case so we were able to quickly exchange one for another) these graphics cards advertise on the internet, on the box and in the instruction manual they can be used together, they refer to this as “Crossfire” and also they advertise in the same way that they can run multiple monitors in something they refer to as “Eyefinity” and you can do any combination of these two technologies having up to four graphics cards and up to six monitors. E.G. you could have one graphics card powering six monitors or four graphics cards powering one monitor and anything in-between. In actuality there is a huge fault with the way the graphics cards are manufactured and all of R9 290 Graphics Cards will have errors when running two of them with three monitors. I'll provide some google links with the keywords to search for at the end. But I've had the two graphics cards just running one monitor for just over a year and now I've decided to add two more monitors so now I can see the fault that I couldn't before. I haven't told them exactly what I will accept in case they offer me the best offer which would be a full refund of course, but I'm pretty reasonable I'd accept an exchange for two different working graphics cards plus the money difference in cost, or even a little less refund money back for the usage I've had out of the graphics cards up until this point. But where do I stand with the actual law, surely it's not my fault that there was a hidden day one problem and I should get a pretty decent amount of money back and like I said I tried to sweeten the deal for the store as as I've offered to invest all the money I get back straight back into buying from them again. You may notice some of these topics on google say "solved" on them but there is no legitimate solution other than replacing the graphics cards with other or turning off the features that they say it can do and is then not as described. "R9 290 crossfire audio" "R9 290 crossfire DPC latency issue"
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