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  1. That thing that have happened between you and Wonga might not happen with the other PDL companies that you have engaged. I suggest you send them an email and ask them directly about your debt's update.
  2. I suggest you pay it as soon as possible if you can. And keep the agreement. It could help you in the future
  3. I think you should contact your bank as soon as possible. This things should not happen without their permission.
  4. You should issue complains with the company. They have failed to discuss so many things with you about the loan, and they owe you explanations with this.
  5. You should complain about it! That's very unfair. You are paying them right, and just a little late that's what they will do with you? You should take action with this!
  6. For me, stopping this to happen is nor enough. Your friend should get back the money that have taken from him. Report the incident to the police and find those who are responsible with this.
  7. Oh my! That's quite a list. I cannot believe you have all that. Multiple loans from different companies. They let you have the loan even though you have pending debts from other companies. I hope you can get out with this mess soon.
  8. I hope you can solve everything about this concern. Wishing you all the best.
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