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  1. Hi everyone Back again! Over the past three months I have had no contact with xercise4less/harlands/crs except from a weekly call every Thursday from the 01444 number in November. Yesterday (Saturday) I received a letter from Spratt Endicott. I don't have the letter to hand but basically same as others on here it says they may take me to court if I don't get in contact within 7 days. Obviously I still have no intention of paying this over inflated amount, however I am very worried about the likelihood of being taken to court. I know from reading other threads it has only happened once before, but what if they decide to try again and make an example of me?!
  2. Thanks slick, I have kept everything and will use it if this continues much longer
  3. One such number is 01132038602, which is X4L cancellation department it would seem. Another is 01444 449165, which is CRS. They have since phoned my mobile, should I block the number or does that show them that my number is active?
  4. Hi everyone Since last post I reviewed another letter from Harlands, same as usual demanding payment. This stood at £164.91, £94.98 of which is arrears and the rest I'm not sure what it's made up of. This letter said to contact by the 7th of October but I ignored it. I today relieved a letter dated 27th October, from CRS. They've added £66.50 so now say I owe £231.41. This appears to be a standard letter from Rob Avery giving me 3 options, and says they'll cease further letters for 7 days. Am I to continue ignoring? I refuse to pay it. Also, been receiving a few suspicious texts which I have kept, the lastest from 'X4L' saying my account has now gone into default and to phone a number. Obviously I'm ignoring this too, but is it normal procedure to send confusing texts from numerous senders? Thanks all:)
  5. The texts came from 'Xercise4Les' however I am sceptical because surely it would be Xercise4Less? However I have kept the texts as evidence:)
  6. Hi everyone, Apologies I haven't been on in quite a while! I received a letter this morning: ... 'A payment of 34.99 has been issued to your bank for an indemnity claim made by yourself. As explained previously, this payment was due and as such, in line with the terms of your agreement we have applied a 25.00 administration charge meaning that you need to pay 59.99 to clear your arrears. Please contact us etc. ... Failure to pay this sum by 23 SEP 15 and reinstate your direct debit instruction for your ongoing contractual instalments will result in further charges.' Also, I have been receiving texts from 'xercise4les' with rejoining offers, which would suggest I am now no longer a member. Am I just to continue ignoring?
  7. Thanks for all your help! I have since received a letter today stating I need to withdraw my claim for the £34.99 back or I will be facing yet another £25 admin charge which will be passed to debt recovery but I plan on ignoring it.
  8. Hi all, Just had this email through today and wondering how to respond? We thank you for your email, One of the terms of this agreement, which you have agreed to be bound by, is that "If you fail to pay any monies due under this agreement or if any Direct Debit is returned unpaid or if any cheque is returned unpaid or if any other form of payment is not honored for whatever reason, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £25." £25 is the amount deemed by our directors as representative of our costs in dealing with the administration involved with a missed or returned payment. When we submit for a payment by Direct Debit which is then returned, we are also charged by the bank. The charge also covers the costs we incur to reapply for the payment out of your regular payment dates and sending letters. The administration charge cannot be removed as it has been applied correctly as per the terms and conditions of your membership. Should you wish to cancel your membership you would need to discuss this directly with Xercise 4 Less as simply requestintg the money back and cancelling your Direct Debit does not cancel your membership. Please note we will continue to chase for outstanding payments and the money that you have claimed back unless we have direct information from Xercise 4 Less to not chase this. As you have below stated you understood the charge would be applied under the Terms and Conditions then this has been applied correctly and our charges are under the guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority, this makes the charges lawful and enforcable, should you have felt these were unfair you should not have signed up to the facilities. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : 01444 449166 () Quote Reference : 32878272 / Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely, Casey for Harlands
  9. Thanks Slick, I've sent that in an email and have cancelled the direct debit! Will update once I receive a reply, I anticipate some threats but determined to fight this!
  10. They took £9.99 plus £25 admin fee on the 17th. The next direct debit is due on or after the 5th of September yes. Thank you!
  11. Thanks again, the bank have processed and will have the money bank within two days. Should I now cancel the direct debit? What is the next step?
  12. Sorry for the delay in reply! Thank you all for your advice, it has calmed me down! The £34.99 was taken from my account, so I believe my next step is to contact my bank and ask for it to be refunded as it was unauthorised?
  13. Hi everyone! I have read previous threads in this forum, but have began panicking and would much appreciate personal help! Long story short, my direct debit of £9.99 bounced on the 5th of August due to lack of funds, and I fully admit responsibility. I was on holiday until Tuesday, and returned to a letter dated 6th August saying that the £9.99 plus £25 admin charge will be taken from my account on the 16th, and will not be able to stop after the 14th (tomorrow). I emailed the company on Tuesday (after reading threads advising to stay off the phone) however have had no reply other than a generic thank you for your email which I received yesterday. In my email I stated I would be happy to pay the £9.99 on the 16th, however should they take the £25 I will be unable to pay my next monthly instalment and would need to cancel my membership. I was hoping they would waive the fee as this is a first time offence. I haven't used the gym in two months, so would be looking to freeze my membership anyway, but I don't want to cancel the direct debit if it will result in further letters and a damaged credit rating. I am desperate to get this sorted today so they don't take money I don't believe is theirs (admin charge). Any advice would be gratefully received! As a side note - I have since looked up my membership terms and conditions, and the email given at the time of joining says I have paid no admin fee and am paying £9.99 for 11 months. I joined in the gym, with a member of staff, however she charged me £10 admin fee and I was not told it was a year contract at any point. Is this enough of a reason to phone the gym and complain? Again thanks for any help!
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