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  1. Once papers are issued I will remove this to the legal post area.
  2. I have a nice screen shot of the default on gold 18 months after it should of been removed and a screen shot of it being put back,on 1 month after it was removed, I love technology ! VFbhave no argument Experian are trying to argue they can do nothing until advised. They had a letter fron VF saying 6 years old in July 2015(correct date February 2014) so they were advised!
  3. VF sent them a letter stating it was 6 years old 26th July default was still on 26th August for me that was notice given and the ICO agree!
  4. See the dated between the last 2 posts, keep going folks annoying but you can win
  5. A pleasing update. The ICO have told me and Vodafone that they breached parts 1 and 4 of the DPA in addition experian kept the default on file for a month longer than VF,s wrong date. So they are both going to the small claims court. Experian haves hit themselves and called me asking for a £ number(I have left it to them to start the ball rolling) worse for them I got the FOS to wrote to them and they did not respond in thev8 weeks given. The FOS are not happy! VF as usual care not but bathe court will I know it's a long hard slog (a year in this case) but it's worth it i
  6. In reply to my SAR they have said they can't provide unless I supply evidence of my address and the 40 days will start once I have re-submitted this . They have written to me twice at my address, myself and Lee have had many phone and email chats . I assume they can request this or are they playing for time? Help!
  7. Can they really get away with adding to my file 4 years after the default?
  8. Got an email from Lee at VF last night with a major offer of £50+VAT. He said the default should of been on my file in March 2008 but due to an error t did not go on until 2012. This means that even though it was on my file a whole 4 years after the event (is this allowed ). That would mean it should of been removed in April 2014 and not August 2015 17 months after it should have been removed. I have no option now but to pass this onto the ICO and take VF to court. I am astonished that they can by letter and email admit to these errors but think the actually did very little wrong.
  9. Well I gave VF until today to make an offer of compensation. As I suspected nothing. myself and my pal a recently retired lawyer are putting a case together for the small claims for compensation. In addition we are putting a nice pack of data to the ICO and once the SAR is with me we will add to their pain. I will not and none of you should not be beaten! VF need to pop up to Edinburgh very soon and explain to a court what they have done and why. My evidence (some from Lowell!) will shock the court and after a lot of effort and time justice
  10. i have just spoken with Lee and the admit an error and are removing the default. He asked for my expectations regarding compensation and I have based that on a similar event on here a couple of years ago with a very similar set of events so the bar has not been set too high. Realistically I would be awarded more in a court but if VF are wise they will settle before that is needed. In my line of work I have be credit checked before taking on a new role or when applying for a new job. Let's just say that their actions have impacted greatly on my current situations. I have been turned down for a
  11. Thanks silver fox 1961 I have the cock up info via an email sent by Lee. I have said that all they need to do is check the default against their records and they will find it was not mine. In addition according to the dates supplied by VF it looks like the default was placed 2.5 years after it went into default. The letter also states that this default was 6 years old on 24/7/15 but it is still on my file. I have advised Lee that however you look at it there are at least 2 data breaches here! I have also said that if VF don't come to me with a decent compensation agreement I will without doubt
  12. another update! Lee has advised me that the letter from VF stating default to be removed on 24/7/15 was in relation to another person with my name! The dates in the letter are spot on with thid default as is the amount. It looks like they have hit me with someone else's default. Shame I have to wait for the SAR to confirm this but surely this should be removed. It us still there causing me pain. Reading this site helps and shows me that if I keep going I will win. When I do this wee site is getting a nice donation. It's comforting to know it's not just me!
  13. Another update: Lee said he checked my experian file and can't find a default there. I looked today and yep, still there. Now although it should of been removed in 2013 Vodafone sent me a letter stating it would be 6 years old on the 24th July 2015, now I am no rocket scientist but the fact that it is still there is surely not right. I am sending a copy of the letter to the ICO so they can ask Vodafone why it is still there. Boy this is tough work!
  14. Hi all a quick update: Lee contacted me today. I told him that the info I have in hard copy from Lowell who bought the debt confirms VF added a default in July 2008. As data controller Lowell removed the default in 2014. After several letters to VF I got a reply on 14 July 2015 confirming they placed a default on my file in August 2012. Lee confirmed the first default account was also the 2012 default account! He is confused and hinted that they may not have placed the default but maybe the CRA's! I'm thinking if VF wrote to me saying they placed the default in
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