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  1. No not at all, I am on £12 an hour on a 36 hour week.
  2. Yes I am employed by the agency and not umbrella, they pay my employers ni and ask relevant taxes, they also pay Me holiday pay.
  3. I recently got a job as a temp for an admin position, although the agency did not charge me for finding work but when i looked at my payslip they are charging me 5% of my gross weekly pay for MANAGEMENT FEES! is this legal? when i enquired with them, they said this money was deducted as a Management fees for admin related duties such as processing my timesheet, payroll and paying the invoice finance company that advances them the money to pay my wages every week. As they have to wait for a month before they get paid, is this legal or could i take them to an industrial tribunal and sue them for breaking the law. But in all fairness in their agency terms and conditions it clearly specifies that a management fee of 5% will be deducted from my wages, but if this agency is breaking the law, i do want to take further action....PLEASE ADVISE!!!
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