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  1. Hi everybody I'm new to CAG as of today,and i just wondered if anybody could give me some advice - or just tell me it's hormones that are making me irrational! I'm reaching my 20th week of pregnancy and I am in receipt of JSA. I usually attend fortnightly sign on appointments and I do all my job searches,check local paper,internet search,ask family and friends etc, to the letter. I have no problem with that, it is my duty to do so as this is the deal, I look for work and the DWP help me out by not letting me starve. I'm homeless and I'm having such difficulty finding somewhere its a joke, I'm sofa surfing and its a massive pain in the buttox,especially with a bump. Last week i was told I'd have to sign on every week. The adviser ( I've never had a regular adviser,just randoms) told me its just something that happens every now and then, and gave me an appointment for this week. I arrive at my appointment early, I'm never late, and this very uninterested told me I look like I'm having problems finding work, so I will have to come in everyday. I wouldn't have a problem with this ,but for a 20 week pregnant woman, with a child off school, ante natal appointments ,looking for a place to live, does everything to find work, I find this so infuriating. Is there anything i can do? They know my circumstances. I've been on JSA since March, and no, I haven't managed to secure any work as yet, but pregnancy waits for no woman and pretty soon no one will want to employ an elephant with flatulence
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