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  1. I did take more photos but ive had to use my mums computer as i dont have one and its old and struggling to upload. My husband parked on the left hand side where the workmen are stood . please note that building has only just started here in the last year as this ticket is from over a year ago now. Maybe 2. So there wasnt builders or anything else. It was empty. There arent any double yellow lines or anything i can see. He didnt park close to the junction either. The UKPCS signs are on the fence on the otherside which isnt where he parked. If anyone could advise me further with what i can/should do next i would be really grateful. Thanks.
  2. Thanks ericsbrother that's good to know. I couldn't manage to get down to the retail park yesterday but I'm going to down later today to upload pictures so I can see if everyone can help me with a defense. I did acknowledge yesterday and not heard anything back yet but want to get more needed advice of you guys so I'll make sure it's uploaded. Hello again, I went to the place my partner parked and it wasn't the retail park I mentioned in the first post. That one was owned by another parking company altogether. Long story short found where my partner parked and it looks like a public road ? I can't work it out. I've taken photos to show so if people have any ideas how to help me further. Also taken a photo of the ukpcs sign to show. Is there a way to post photos directly onto this forum or do I have to provide links ? Tried setting up a flickr account but it's not playing ball.
  3. Hi honeybee13 thank you I appreciate that. I must admit my anxiety has gone down a bit since talking to everyone on this forum. Really grateful for all the help and advice. Hopefully it can all be sorted out soon enough.
  4. Ericsbrother, thank you. Yes it is local to me I was thinking about this earlier that I should go down. I will go and take photos and will upload them to show. I feel stressed about it all now. The advice used to be ignore and now has since changed. Obviously this doesn't help me now I know that but I feel like nothing was actually done wrong.
  5. Thank you dx I have completed the acknowledgment and defended all. Didn't start up a defense. Shall keep you all posted. Thanks again.
  6. Sorry to bother again but if I put my acknowledgement in now do I have to put my defense in at the same time ?
  7. Hi, thanks everyone for helping me with this. I've tried to phone up to make acknowledgement immediately however I wasn't able to as it's all automated. I will fill in the relevant forms today and post them out stating that this letter was sent to an old adress so I wasn't able to respond. I can't upload a photo of the claim form but this is what it says Claim is for an outstanding parking charge issued to a vehicle registered to the defendant for parking on private land. This private land is managed by ukpcs Ltd and vehicles parked at the site are subject to parking restrictions which are set out on signs at the site, whereby motorists entering the land form a contract between the driver of the vehicle and UKCPS ltd . The defendant or a driver parked the vehicle on the land. Or the keeper who may not have been the driver or alternatively has not chosen to name the driver and is therfore responsible for payment as required under schedule 4 of the protection of freedom act 2012. By parking on this land a driver contractually agrees to pay a charge of 100. The amount remains unpaid and stands at 100 plus an additional 50 fixed costs and 125 for solicitor fees and disbursements incurred by their client, whereby the solicitor charges a set fee of 125 to the client for collecting the debt. The claim is for 275. It then goes on to say I owe a 25 court fee which brings it to 300. I hope that is of some use to anyone. My partner parked in a free parking park outside a retail park. The 2 hour free maximum stay charge. Admittedly was in a rush and couldn't find parking so parked outside the shop he needed to use. The car wasn't blocking any other vehicles or obstructing anyone else . As it was over a year ago now I've almost forgotten what it was for but I believe it was of this nature . The car was there for less than 10 minutes.
  8. Hi thanks I will have a look into this a bit more. I'm confused because this claim form doesn't actually seem to state that I must go to a small court and if it does I can't see when or where I should be going. It's stating things like "ifs and buts, maybes" etc. Is this an official document that I must reply to ? On the claim form it's requesting that I fill out what I see as very personal information such as my bank balance ? Sorry for all the questions I'm just really confused by if all. I want to know if this document is actually a court summon or more bully boy tactics. I don't want to call them without getting my facts straight first incase I cause more trouble upon myself when I don't see this as fair to begin with. Many thanks x
  9. Thank you ever so much for your advice. I will call them tomorrow and see what I can do from here.
  10. Hi I am new to this site and have been reading through a few threads and thought this would be the best place to come for some much needed advice. My partner was issued a parking fine from ukpcs Ltd over a year ago in a retail park. After doing a quick Google search I found ignoring them to be the best course of action as it was to my understanding that only the council or police could issue such fines. We had the usual letters described by others on these forums. We have since moved house and passed by to collect post which had a claim form issued to us stating for us to go to court and the total amount has now gone up to £300? The date of issue on this letter is 14 July 2015 so I'm guessing we've already gone past the 14 day response time slot. I'm really angry about this but a little worried for it to have gone this far ? Please any advice on what our next steps should be would be greatly appreciated.
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