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  1. thanx for the prompt reply i have spoken to neighbours about it and they are the same i have found out that most have experienced problems with noise and 1 elderly neighbour stated that when morrisons applied for planning permission she attended the council meeting and the residents was assured off no unreasonable noise as the loading bay will be on the far side but they put it in the back off our street instead for some reason i am trying to find the original drawings from the local council thanx for the advice... martin
  2. hya all i am hoping some one will be able to give me some advice i bought my house 8 years ago behind a morrisons store everything was fine was told noise was kept to a minimum and that was fine about a year after moving in then the trouble started deliveries early hours from 10 at night untill 6 in the morning banging of trolleys wagons reversing even laughing and joking from the warehouse staff 7 years we have been complaining to morrisons and council eventually 3 week ago we had a noise monitor fitted off the council and are wait
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