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  1. I am not angry at anyone and if it came across like it did I really didn't mean to. I don't think I'm entitled to or are better than any other person whatever there situation!!! I'm sorry if it came across In a negative manner!!!
  2. That's not the case though I really can not be bothered with this ATM . I was asking for advice not having a debate. It's like banging my head on a brick wall.
  3. That's what it looks like though. In a crisis you either need to be subject to domestic violence, getting evicted, or a refugee to get a interim payment from tax credits
  4. No he was laid off a few months back. He goes out handing cvs out and phones jobs up everyday.
  5. I have searched since 8am this morning and no one can/will help me!! The truth is refugees and drug addicts can get help with lots
  6. Only Thursday and Friday and u r only allowed 3 vouchers
  7. No 48 cause my eldest is 19 and a student I do get jsa bt not until Thursday I get nothing until then.
  8. It wouldn't be too bad if the children were at school then at least they would be fed. I could also go see if anyone needs work !! I really am stuck
  9. I have also already had help from them . And I can only ask for help once. No it stopped because I phoned and told them that it needed to make a joint claim.
  10. My child Tax credits stopped on 23rd July without warning. I phoned hmrc to be told I had to claim again. Bearing in mind I have 4 children with no money for food electric etc. I tried to apply for a crisis loan but was rejected because its nothing to do with DWP??? I have since claimed again and on Friday just gone I received a text saying my claim is been processed and it can take 3 weeks!!!! i phoned hmrc to see if I could get a interim payment because I am living on £48 a week, to be told I don't fit the criteria and I must be on the
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