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  1. I put the card protection scheme duplicated what my bank was offering so therefore, wasn't needed. My friend put exactly the same and we both received a cheque.
  2. All I ended up putting was that the policies duplicate what the banks offer and wasn't needed. I received my cheque today
  3. Can a person just say it has been mis-sold on the form that they've sent? Can't remember what cover I had now and I have no statements etc.
  4. I've received a letter but I thought I'd reclaimed all of my mis-sold products. I'm not sure what product it is so what would I put in the letter to say it has been mis-sold?
  5. I think being a disabled person can reduce your income. People genuinely might not be able to work or are just discriminated against when trying to find a job. Also, it's much easier for non disabled people to get to the supermarket by car or public transport. I know some buses are accessible but not all of them are. I also hear a lot of incidents where bus drivers and fellow passengers aren't so welcoming which can put people off. I know one of my friends had to show the bus driver how to use the ramp! There's always going to be some people who try to beat the system but they are in
  6. Equality Advisory Service In your enquiry you ask if it is acceptable to ask that disabled shoppers register their blue badge at the customer services desk in order to have extra time to shop and eat. You explain that you have asked Parking Eye if it is required that they give disabled shoppers more time and they have not yet confirmed this. To be protected as a disabled individual under the Equality Act you must meet the definition of disability ie disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial, long-term and adverse effect on a person’s ability to
  7. I can remember seeing a document which I thought was the Parking Eye constitution or set of rules that they go by. I did a search on this document but couldn't find any reference to disabled people on it. Can't find it now! I have emailed the Equality people so will see what they say.
  8. No reply as yet. Have I seen Parking Eye's constitution on here? I'm sure I read it somewhere. There wasn't any reference to giving disabled people more time. I can't seem to find it.
  9. I've emailed the CEO at Morrisons and I will keep you posted on his response.
  10. Several of us have complained, this is why the Manager of our local Morrison's has tried to compromise. Will go to the top of the tree now!
  11. Thank you for your reply. I imagine Parking Eye think they're being reasonable with going along with Morrisons telling disabled customers to go to the Customer Service Desk. I don't see why people should have to do that. There must be an easier way around it.
  12. Hi Two hours are allowed for shoppers to park in Morrison's car parks. After complaints, I believe some Morrison's supermarkets have told disabled customers to go to their Customer Service Desk to tell them they need more time to shop so Parking Eye won't ticket them. I can't understand why Parking Eye can't just allow Blue Badge holders more time instead of expecting disabled shoppers to go to the Customer Service desk. I've asked Parking Eye if they have it in the rules to give disabled people more time but they just keep saying that they do allow people more time. They
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