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  1. Hello there, I have a question about a tax return. I am new in UK and I started to work at Domino's in 2014 june. It's my first job in the UK but from the very first month I was overpaying tax because of the wrong tax code which was simply "BR". I was paying all together ~260 pounds ( PAYE ~210 , NI ~50). At the start of december my manager gave a call to HMRC and they changed it to appropriate code. They've also told him that they will give me back what I've overpayed, but manager forgot to ask when that will happen. Hopefully one of the guys at work used to work for NI and told me that they should send me a tax return check around july 2015. My colleague at work already received her tax return check but I'm still waiting and it's august. I was wondering if it's possible that there is some kind of delay or should I try giving them a call? From what the guy who worked for NI said that I don't need to fill anything or call them, just wait.
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