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  1. What evidence are you suggesting?
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-EOS-6D-Digital-Camera/dp/B00BHXMO3A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1522784648&sr=8-2&keywords=canon+6d+mark+2 I thought I was clear that the order wasnt with a third party market place seller. The seller is Amazon.
  3. How can a edit my post to correct dates?
  4. Sorry this is an order placed with Amazon.co.uk. Not a third party purchase.
  5. Sorry this has all happen this year 2018
  6. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I placed an order with Amazon 23/03/18 for canon 6d camera, "delivered" and signed for 26/03/18 On opening the parcel I find a desk lamp, yes a £13 desk lamp which Amazon sell instead of a £1700 camera! call is made to Amazon who state, will email an affidavit. This is filled, signed and emailed back to uk-deliveryinvestigation at amazon Cs reply back and state they will be in contact within 72hrs. It has now been over 72hrs. So an email is sent out stating: I have been very patient in waiting f
  7. Hi Just a late update. It turns out Barclays meant Tuesday not Monday. So 5:30pm Monday Amazon made the full refund, less than 24hrs before I could as Barclays for a chargeback. Best regards
  8. Thanks Caro for your reply. Just spoke to Amazon- who again state, wait another 2-3 days. Called Barclays who said you need to wait 15 days after expected delivery date, which is this Monday.
  9. Hi Just an update. They sent an email 07/08/15 stating they will need 5 business days to complete investigation and will get back with an update then. Which is Friday 14th. This would be 14 days since placing order. Does anybody now if the charge back is time sensitive ? Thanks
  10. Hi Caro, Thank you for your reply. I wish I had paid by mastercard now. Shouldn't have to think on my toes, especially when buying from Amazon. I will give Barclays a call tomorrow. Thank you for your advise.
  11. Hi Estellyn, Thank you for your reply. I totally agree with your post and thank you for pointing out the possibilities.
  12. Thank you, sorry for being a noob
  13. Hello all, Can anyone give me any advise with regards to a problem with Amazon.co.uk ? Two orders were placed 1st Aug for £4000 worth of camera equipment and two hoses for a washing machine. On the day of delivery (2nd Aug), waiting in for goods, I check my Amzon tracking which states items delivered. I check outside etc. Nothing. A call is made to Amazon, who say call back tomorrow. The next day (3rd Aug) I followed this up and was offered a full replacement for both orders. I refuse on the grounds that I will be away on holiday. So refund for the hoses £10 is made and a
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