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  1. Hi Andy Thanks for your reply. Looks like I've only got the option of either paying off the mortgage by downsizing in 3 years or extending the existing mortgage for 7 or so years on their terms. Cheers BM
  2. Hi Andy and Mr P Thanks for your replies. I used my pension pot to pay some of the capital off and keep the rest as savings. I could use these but I would not have any savings left. Woolwich quoted me for 5 years extension not 7 years. I'm prepared to work until I'm 70 if I have to. I get my state pension at 66. I'm also married but my wife (51 years) is likely to be made redundant in November this year so we will miss her earnings. She will obviously try and get another job. I don't really want to go down the equity release road as I've heard it's not a good idea and I ha
  3. Hi Andy Thanks for your reply. I paid off as much capital as I could with the endowment payouts. I still owe approximately £30,000. House is worth about £260,000. Is equity release the way to go? Cheers BM
  4. Hi Advice please. I'm likely to be unable to pay off the capital amount owing on a mortgage with Woolwich in 3 years time. I've informed Woolwich of this and all they say is try and pay off as much as you can and then you'll be able to extend the mortgage with them when the term ends. I've got a great tracker deal at the moment which is interest only. Woolwich have calculated that any new repayment mortgage with them will be approximately £500 to £600 per month which I won't be able to afford. I got made redundant 5 years ago and have struggled to find full time well paid wor
  5. Hi Everyone Just an update to say that I've had no further correspondence from Harlands/CRS since August so I guess they've dropped my case! So it can be done, although my case was minor compared to some on this site. Good luck with all your actions against Harlands/CRS and thanks to all the site team and particularly Slick for your help and advice. Cheers from BM and Happy New Year to all CAGers!!
  6. OK noted thanks Slick. If I do get any further correspondence from any of them I'll post here. Cheers Baching Mad
  7. Hi Slick OK sure, I'll post any future response I get from Harlands or CRS. Presumably Zinc are their solicitors? Although with the mess they made over the withdrawal of the recent court case against Federaez then I won't exactly be quivering in my boots! And by the way, well done to the CAG team and Federalez‎ achieving that humiliating climb down and win against Harlands/CRS! What a complete and utter waste of time. It really showed them up to be the complete wasters they really are: they couldn't even get the only court case they had right! Cheers Baching Mad
  8. Thanks for your reply Renegadeimp. If they do get back to me then I'll post their reply, although it looks as though they've dropped their demands. Another one in the eye for them then! Lets hope that with the rise of the 'pay as you go' gym chains like Pure Gym and Simply Gym, with no monthly contracts, that Harlands days are finally numbered. Cheers Everyone Baching Mad
  9. Hi Everyone Nearly two months gone and Harlands/CRS haven't replied to my last email to them. Do you think that they have forgotten about me? Is this a record? Is this the end of civilization as we know it? Cheers and Peace to Everyone. Baching Mad
  10. Hi Slick Noted thanks. Yes no doubt they'll be back threatening Court action because I've ignored their letters and very reasonable offer to settle. I'll post their response and just ignore them. Cheers Baching Mad
  11. Hi Everyone It's been 3 weeks since my email of 9 August to Harlands/CRS offering to pay them £24 as Full and Final and I've received no response to their demand that I pay them £174.50 "which is correct and due" or else we'll now stomp our feet and get 'really very angry'!! Maybe they've just gone away with their tail between their legs knowing that I've used a CAG template which basically found them out and told them in no uncertain words to P**S OFF! I'll keep you all posted if I do receive a response. Cheers everyone and have a good Bank Holiday Weekend! Baching M
  12. Hi IHB Thanks for your reply. Yes I'll go down to the nearest DIY store and buy them the shiniest doorstep I can find in anticipation!! Still haven't received a reply from them to my last email perhaps they will ignore. More likely they'll send me a final demand soon and promise fury and damnation 'or else' if I don't comply! Not so concerned about the DCA as I've dealt with these morons before and can just ignore them. However, I'm a little concerned about receiving a Claims Form as I've never received a Small Claims Court Summons before. Hopefully they'll not go down this rou
  13. OK sabre sheep thanks for your reply, let's see what they come up with next. Not sure if they'll send me a claim form as what I owe them is a little low. It'll also cost them to take me to SC Court. Any idea of what the cost is? If I do get one then of course I'll ask for advice. However, I'm half expecting an email from then telling me that they've had no option but to pass my 'debt' on to a DCA for action. Even though it's not really a 'debt' but just a penalty charge they've concocted to increase their profits. I'm hoping this happens because I can then just ignore. Chee
  14. OK thanks Slick. No doubt they'll ignore it. We''l have to see what they come up with next! Cheers Baching Mad
  15. OK cheers fkofilee. I wait with baited breath for their next response! I'll post it on here so everyone can have a laugh! Baching Mad
  16. OK noted thanks DX. Do know if any one on CAG has been successful in challenging these cancellation 'administration fees' charged by holiday companies, which seems to be standard practice in the holiday industry? This is just another example of these companies making extra profit out of holiday cancellations as part of heir business model. I consider these fees to be a penalty charge and they set them high and use it as a disincentive for people to cancel their bookings. No way does £51 cover their 'administration costs' when they have already made a profit out of their agency
  17. Hi Slick I've now emailed Harlands/CRS the following letter based on your link to the suggested letter on another thread: "Dear Harlands/CRS, I refer to your email dated 5 August 2015 demanding £174.50. I cancelled my direct debit mandate with you in February 2015 when I wanted to cancel my monthly gym membership. I now realise I should have paid one months fee for the notice period and therefore now offer to pay you £24.00 as full and final settlement. This offer is valid for 14 days only. If you confirm you'll accept this offer in full settlement of all that I owe
  18. OK noted thanks Uncle Bulgaria. However, I need advice please on whether I can challenge their £51 admin fee under the Unfair Terms legislation as a penalty charge. I think I need some legal advice on this. Many thanks for your help. Cheers Baching Mad
  19. Hi Slick Thanks for your reply. I cancelled my DD in February. I was just concerned that they would try and take money out of my account but if they did this it would be now be theft as I've cancelled my DD with them. OK good idea, I'll email the the letter you suggested offering them £24 as final settlement as one months notice given. It's probably fairer and makes me look reasonable. As you say they'll probably refuse my offer and then come back with further additional 'administration' charges added! Then I'll just ignore them. Anyway thanks for your help and I'll
  20. Hi Slick One other thing that's occurred to me . I don't suppose Harlands will try and take the money from my account because they already have my bank account details from the direct debit? Presumably if they tried to do this it would be theft? Just a thought. Cheers Baching Mad
  21. Hi Slick Thanks for your reply and advice. I think Harlands are always getting way above themselves from what I've seen on the CAG site. I'm amazed that they're still allowed to trade! Their business model is to try and make as much profit out of any cancellation of a gym subscription they have on their books, even if the cancellation is for legitimate reasons under their own T & C's. Hence the reason for them delaying making a decision in my case. I'll draft up the letter ready to send to them as an email but I think that I'll just wait and see what happens if I jus
  22. Hi Everyone Just one other thing, I've just noticed under Welcome Cottage's T & C's they state the following if you cancel your booking before the holiday: "We will also keep a cancellation administration fee of £51 for each week or part of a week per booking". So presumably they're charging me this fee within the £145 they say I now owe? Are they able to do this, or is yet another 'administration' penalty charge specified under the Unfair Terms legislation? Have these cancellation 'administration' charges ever been challenged with other holiday companies?
  23. OK many thanks DX for the info, I'll wait and see what reply I get from Welcome Cottages to my email I sent on Friday Cheers Baching Mad
  24. Hi Slick Thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions: 1. I contacted Harlands by email at the end of February this year to let them know that I wished to cancel my gym membership contract as allowed under their T & C owing to a health issue I had which prevented me from enjoying and using the gym to it's full potential. 2. Harlands replied a couple of days later asking for proof of medical evidence from my doctor. I wrote a letter to my doctor on 8 March explaining the situation and saw him about a week later and he said he could provide a letter of proof of my medica
  25. Hi DX I've contacted my bank and they will be unable to block any payment request from Welcome Cottages if they try and take out the balance of the deposit. The only option would be to close my existing account and then open another one which I don't really want to do. So there's a risk that they might take out the balance of £145 without my consent because they have my card details from when I made the original deposit payment over the phone. Anyway I'll wait and see what response I get from them to my email I sent yesterday (post 10) before I decide what to do next. Che
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