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  1. I do not need them to quak in their boots. I simply need them to comply with the Law and do the job properly. If they do not contact back and do not arrange to repeat the job, this time properly, I will seek enforcement of the Law through the Courts. It is that simple. Whether they quak in their boots or not, I really do not give a toss about that. Companies in the UK take customers for granted all the time. Enough is enough! Hi, The letter is a bit longer because I wanted to quote the relevant legislation. I hope they realise that they are liable. I thought 7 day
  2. I just emailed them in no uncertain terms: From: xxx Sent: 12 May 2016 18:27 To: xxx Subject: FORMAL COMPLAINT - JOB 1851357 Hi, Further to my earlier communications over the phone with your company today, additionally to another phone call a few days ago, to which I received no reply, I write to protest about the appalling manner in which I have been treated, which was in breach of my rights under provision of the Consumer Goods & Services Act 1974; and now is in breach of my rights under provision of the CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT 2015. In view of the fact that I contr
  3. The ABLE GROUP provide property maintenance services, ie glaziers, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, drainage, gas, heating, pest control, etc. Please note however: If you need any such services, I suggest you look elsewhere. I have had the most horrendous experience with them and I hope my post helps others avoid going through the same horror story. Booked them to clear my house external drains, was quoted £114 to have them 4 drains unblocked. On the 7th of April, their Eng. came out, informed that the drains were now in good working order. My other half took his word for it
  4. I have had no claims for a whole 10 years and I do not have any claims filed with Kwik Fit. Presumably they feel they have the right to claim from me the outstanding balance of the rest of the Policy right up to its renewal date. I did not have breakdown insurance or third party additions to the Policy. It is ridiculous that Insurance companies are allowed to impose just Direct Debits as their one and only payment method, and then allowed to cancel policies under circumstances like mine and even allowed to claim the rest of the policy term, even though they cancelled it. The rules ri
  5. I looked around and it looks like Kwik Fit is very "kwik" to cancel unilaterally car policies. Obviously they must be making a good profit out of that, right? It happened to me too. I get paid weekly, and Direct Debits which are imposed as the only payment method by most insurers, are maybe good for monthly salaries, but matching a date of the month to a day of the week when I get paid weekly, is a total nightmare. So, after a text message telling me of the usual 7 day notice and asking to get in touch, I sent Kwik Fit an email via their website for customers, on Tuesday 16th of June
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