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  1. No I have what looks like a letter of claim from IDRWW on behalf of their client but it is supposedly signed by a solicitor
  2. thanks dx100uk what would that be then, previously you advised someone not to reply as they are a dca which IDRWW are?
  3. Hello, What is the recommended response to a PAPLOC received from IDRWW please? thanks
  4. Well I’d like to see it, but I respect the decision not to publicly upload something that someone could prepare better by seeing it. Good luck with the outcome. Perhaps it could be shared securely post judgement?
  5. I just need to find one, any recommendations?
  6. How is it a waste of money if people are losing against these cwd people?
  7. Oh dear, that’s what I feared. Need to find a solicitor.
  8. Am confused as to the jurisdiction part? I don't get how it can even be heard when its different t's and c's to uk and not regulated.
  9. I have been reading this with interest, I have recently had a letter through and want to know where this is going. Concernedexpat09 what is the next step? Did hornsey62 and squaddy lose their cases?
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