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  1. Hi Dx I have registered my defence online, which has been acknowledged, they then sent me a form to complete which has been duly completed and returned (and acknowledged) The Miah solicitors never once responded to any of my requests which I made in writing. I have heard nothing from them since. I spoke to the MCOL helpline and they advised me to mention this in my defence which I did (along with Supremacy of contract) I was asked on the form that came from the court to advise of any dates that I would be unavailable to attend a hearing. I am not available now until after the 5th October, so now I am just waiting to see what happens... ...I will keep everyone updated as soon as I hear anything else. .thanks for the support, it has been invaluable to me...
  2. Hi Eircsbrother, yes the letter from the solicitors does mention the Civil Proicedure Rules (copy of letter is uploaded on my post #20) with regards to the ten charges. I ignored them all, haven't kept any of them so can't confirm a time line other than to say I moved into the said property in Sptember 2011 and moved out in February 2014. they only ever mention one ticket number and say that the charge of £1175 is inclusive of said ticket number (again the letter is uploaded on my post #20) this is the only letter from the solicitors that I have received in all of this time regardless of tickets issued. The letter states that the ticket number refers to friday 28th february 2014 which would have been the date I moved out of the property so why did they not write to me via the solicitors before this? And as you say, why have they not all been treated separately. One other thing, and I think very important, the parking is underground and I had to have a fob to activate the gate for entry. How could I have parked illegally when I had access to the car park. How can anyone who lives there be issued with a ticket. I know someone who lives there presently who has also been issued with parking tickets. I do hope I haven't blown my chances by throwing away the letters,
  3. Yes, I replied defend all Hi everyone who is helping me.. ... I have just spoken to the council regarding planning permission for the signage. They are informing me that planning permission would not be needed.... So would that mean my first line of defence is going to be 'Supremacy of Contract' (as suggested by ericsbrother) Forgive me for being ignorant; but in laymans terms; what does that actually mean? Also, one last question for today. If I have got 28 days to plan my defence, when that time is up, do I contact the courts or will they contact me? Sorry to ask so many questions, this is all alien to me. Thank you all in advance again for your assistance
  4. Hi Ericsbrother..... I have acknowledged the service of the claim online....getting scary now...will post my letter to the solicitors today...keep your fingers crossed for me...
  5. Hi Ericsbrother... As you can see... I am still getting to grips with working my around this site...sorry for the duplications..
  6. Hi again Ericsbrother Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance. firstly you say I have to acknowledge service of the claim to the court. How do I do this? do I complete the form and return it to them saying that I dispute it or do I do it online? don't want to get that bit wrong in case a judgement is entered against me. secondly, your final paragraph regarding a counterclaim for harassment, should I still say this as I didn't own the property, I rented it. Every thing else, I will do today. I will write to the solicitors today.
  7. Hi Eric, I'm not sure how many separate tickets I received, I didn't get a ticket on my windscreen every time. I ignored them all, firstly as advised to do so on forums regarding this company, and secondly because they were all issued to me where I lived at the time. The parking area where I always parked is the car park for residents of the apartment block where I lived. So obviously I parked there every day for two years. There is sign outside the building, so I will upload a photo of the sign asap. My IT manager is going to upload the Court Claim form and the letter from the Miah solicitors this afternoon for me. Also, I have today written to Miah with regards to the strict proof that a contract exists, and to let them know that I fully dispute and will defend the claim made against me. Thank you for your continued advise and support,
  8. Hi Eirsbrother. . a letter from The Miah Solicitors came. It doesn't say 'letter before proceedings' but the final paragraph says 'if we do not receive any payment or contact from you within 14 days of the date of this letter we will take our clients instructions regarding how they wish to proceed with may include considering issuing legal proceedings. The date Friday 28th February 2014 at Brewery Wharf Leeds. The court of appeal ruled on the 23rd day of April 2015 that a charge for parking on private land is not extravagant or unconscionable
  9. I can't upload it from home. I will take it to work with me tomorrow and get my IT manager to help me do this. thank you
  10. Hi, it doesn't look like a photocopy. The Particulars of Claim are as follows: Claim is for 10 outstanding parking charges issued to vehicle registration..... ... registered to the defendant for parking on private land. This private land is managed by UKCPS Ltd and vehicles parked at the site are subject to parking restrictions which are set out on signs at the site, whereby motorists entering the land form a contract between the driver of the vehicle and UKCPS Ltd. The Defendant or a driver parked the vehicle on the land. Or the keeper who may have been the driver or alternatively has chosen not to name the driver and id therefore responsible for payment as required under the section 4 of the Protection of Freedom Act 2012 By parking on this land a driver contractually agrees to pay a charge of 100.00 for each time they park amounting to 1000.00 for 10 occasions, plus an additional 50 fixed costs and 125 for solicitors fees and disbursements incurred by their client, whereby the solicitor charges a set fee of 125 to the client for collecting.
  11. Hi, this is my first post. I have today received a county court claim form saying that I will be taken to court for the sum of £1245.00 saying that I have parked on private land. It is from a company called UKCPS limited and their solicitors are The Miah Solicitors. I have seen forums like this before and taken the advice to ignore all threatening letters. But this looks official and I don't have this kind of money . I haven't parked anywhere that I haven't before so not sure how to treat this. Please help, I only have 14 days
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