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  1. There wasn't one in the pack, just statements & a copy of phone call notes. Should they of supplied one? Am I best just going straight to the ICO now & asking them to look in to it?
  2. Hi everyone, I got my sar back today the default notice date was May 2009 my last payment was Feb 2009. Does this mean I can get them to change the default date? The end of the statement shows an AWO payment for the outstanding balance in August 2010, the date they registered the default. I don't know what this means as I never made that payment. Does anyone know what this means? Will it affect my chance of having the default date changed?
  3. I sent to the one on their website, Blenheim Court, Solihull. I know experian got in contact with them for me regarding the date & they told them they won't change it, which is why I sent the SAR. Hopefully they reply so I can get this sorted
  4. Hi Dominoes & DX, Thanks for your info, I sent an SAR request off a few weeks ago & am just waiting for them to respond. I've read on a few threads about them not responding to SARs, what do I do if that happens? If I can just get them to enter the correct date for the default then it should drop off my credit report as it was more than 6 years ago
  5. thank you dx, That's very helpful, I will get it sent off today
  6. Ok thanks so much for your help. I just thought (or rather, hoped) with it being their mistake they had to change it
  7. Hi thanks for your quick response, The last payment I made would of been in July/August 2008. I'm just thinking that if they had of put the correct date as 2008 it would of gone off my report last year but as they have put 2010 it won't come off until next year. If the ICO states it should be 6 months then does this mean I have a change of getting the correct date put on?
  8. Hi I'm hoping you can help, I purchased a sofa on 12 months finance in March 2008 when I was living with my ex, I only made a few payments then we split, I moved out & never made another payment. I have never had any letters from them regarding the debt due to me moving out. Last week I checked my credit report for the first time as I wanted to make sure everything was correct before applying for a mortgage & I noticed they had registered a default in August 2010 registered to the address I lived at with my ex so that will be why I never received a default notice. I'm just wondering if they are allowed to register a default 2 years after I last made a payment, I'm hoping not & I will be able to get the default date changed as it will then drop off my report. If anyone has any template letters I can email to them regarding the date being wrong I would be very grateful Thanks in advance
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